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Great Book and Great Characters

Defying Fate - Heidi Lis, Emma Mack

Waking up Izzy felt refreshed even though she had slept on the floor. That all she had in the two bedroom house she rented was what she could fit in her car. She left the rest in Iowa.Dominic is Izzy’s ex and took everything from her and left her broke.Kara is Izzy’s best friend but also is Dominic’s sister and helps Izzy escape.   She only had the essentials. Izzy’s family hates her now. and she had them behind her. The stares and the gossip about Izzy was spreading like wildfire. Izzy ended up in Washington state. She lived in Monroe now. A small town with a great feel to it. Izzy knew she needed to get a job. Izzy felt to sleep in a bed and cook a meal for herself would feel like heaven. Evelyn was the homeowner Izzy knew she would love her. Kara called Izzy to check o  her, she had already told Izzy to find a hot biker and leave. They both loved bikers from when they were teens and read MC books. Izzy was out planting some flowers when she realized someone was there, it turned out to be a little girl of six or seven.They started to talk the little girl was Eve and she lived at the end of the block. She says her money isnt around but she lives with her daddy. Izzy says if it is ok with her daddy Eve can come over the next day and help. Izzy wondered how long it had been since she had a fun time with another female.  Izzy and Eve planted flowers for two hours. Eve was like the daughter she would never have. Izzy carrying a child is close to zero, Domonic toje that form her. On Saturday morning Izzy is woke up to knocking on her door and it’s Eve They spend time together then her dad- Braxton Ryles /Brax stops by, Brax is Hot and TROUBLE. Then Eve’s dad offers Izzy a job at his shop as a front office girl. The shop is Ryles Custom Shop. Brax surprises Izzy so much she is out of her element. Brax is like a tornado ready to knock Izzy on her butt. He just blew into her life , and she somehow changed it forever. Braxton will do anything to make Eve happy.  What’s it gonna be like working for this smooth-talking- sexy-as- hell badass biker? Saturday night Brax showed up with dinner for her. He had grilled chicken and said “didn’t want you going hungry”, winked at her and left to walk back down the street to his house. Izzy likes calling him Braxton. Izzy realizes Braxton may be complex,and a master of mind games, but he is also vulnerable. He is a man in need of something special. He also has a big heart. Braxton’s best friends/co-workers are Knox and Brody. Eve’s mother is Tiffany and trying to be a mom although Braxton has his doubts in that. Tiffany comes into Izzy’s office at work when she is hugging Braxton in comfort and Tiffany tells Brax have that girl-Izzy- to take her hands off Braxton. Brax tells Tiffany she lost the right to say anything a long time ago as he pulled Izzy closer to him. Tiffany won’t let go even though Braxton told her they had been over a long time. She doesn’t want Braxton but wants no one else to have him.Tiffany tracks down Dominic and tells him everything and   Dominic is determined Izzy is going to be with no one but him, and he knows about Izzy and Braxton and where Izzy is. Dominic kidnaps Izzy and tortures her, he even cuts her. Kara is determined Izzy will be free of Dominic.

I absolutely loved this book I loved Izzy and Braxton together and how they interacted except when he hurt her emotionally. I loved Eve and felt she definitely added to this book/ I loved the drama, suspense, and betrayal in this book. I loved how Kara was such a best friend to Izzy especially as she was Dominic’s sister but then again… This book takes you on an emotional roller coaster but you don’t want to put this down. This had me from page one until the last page. This made me chuckle at times and choke up at others. I loved the twists and turns . The author did handle the subject of domestic violence very good in this book. I do think Izzy fell a little too hard fr Braxton a little too quick especially after what Dominic put her through. She also forgave Braxton too easily after he hurt her emotionally because he made a mistake hasn't she been through enough get some backbone Izzy. This was a great debut novel in my opinion. I hated Tiffany but more so Dominic but that was their purpose. I loved this book, the characters and the twists and turns of this book and I highly recommend it.