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Five Days in Skye - Carla Laureano

Andrea was glad they couldn’t fire her. She tried to figure out how things went wrong ro quickly. She had been on the verge of closing a half-million -dollar deal. The next thing she knew she’d nearly broken her hand on the jaw of a client who thought her company offerings extended to favors she had no intention of delivering. Three years it took her to work towards VIP of Sales  all down the drain because of one man. Who wouldn’t keep his hands to himself. Her company wouldn’t risk an ugly public legal battle. They didn’t have to her boss had other more subtle means of showing displeasure. As punishment went Scotland was a big one. She was going on a business trip to Scotland. If only Andrea had managed to keep her temper she would have been next week in the tropics with the promise of a fat commission and a guaranteed promotion not serving time in Scotland babysitting a celebrity client who who suddenly wanted to dabble in the hotel business. James McDonald who was a celebrity chef she had never heard of. This man had half a dozen restaurants, four cookbooks, and  his own tv show. Andrea was sitting in a bar in London stating she should be in a plane to Tahiti not in a bar in London drinking a mediocre glass of wine. Then she heard a man say” That’s because you go to Paris to drink wine, you come to London to drink Ale.” Andrea introduced herself and he introduced himself as Mac.nHe asked why, she was there instead of the South Pacific and she said she was doing research on the owner of the pub. She asked Mac if he knew Mr. MacDonald and he said it depended she said she was asking as she was meeting with him tomorrow and she was looking for some background. Mac asked if she was always this unprepared and Andrea said she had only got the call from her office a few hours ago. Then Mac said he felt the pub was a good reflection of Mac- comfortable. Slightly sophisticated. Andrea said she didn't like being unprepared . She’s used to dealing with a hotel group with hundreds of properties not celebrities with nothing better to do than play innkeeper. Then the bartender said he thought that was the first time not only has a woman not fallen over him, she insulted him to his face He added he wouldn’t  worry to much he thought Mac rather liked her. Andrea knew she had to get this account if she wanted to get back in her boss’s good graces. How many times had Andrea lectured her junior account manager on the importance of maintaining professionalism at all times? Yet she didn’t practice what she preached lately. It had been years since a man had rattled her like Mac did. Mac couldn’t have accomplished all he had by thirty five without a sharp mind and plenty of talent as well as hard work and sacrifice. James was a dead man when Mac got to him. Mac needed guidance after all he did and had. Mac thinks Andrea needs to relax and he’d decided it his mission to get her to relax.

I enjoyed this book. It was a good Christian romance. I liked James and Andrea together. This was a very good debut novel in my opinion. I am looking forward to reading more from this author. I loved how James and Andrea interacted with each other. How can Andrea be punished when Andrea was sexually harassed by a client? I liked the ending. I really enjoyed the description of Scotland and Isle of Skye but also the food James made - yuuuum! I  do believe that Andrea protested a little too much on her feelings for James. I like the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.