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Touch the Sky - Kari Cole

Hannah’s mother asked her what she was doing in the private bathroom in her father’s law office. She said she would be out shortly. Then her mother told her to hurry up as her father’s guests were  arriving. Hannah had never been so sick. She couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. Werewolves didn’t get viruses. Every since her afternoon coffee fix she had gotten worse. It was the law firms annual holiday party and it required all hands on deck to charm the clients into more billable hours. Her father introduced her to a new client - Macon Crawford and she wanted to shake hands with him. His ring pressed against her skin and seared her flesh as if he’d electrocuted her. When Hannah shut her eyes horrors she couldn’t explain invaded her mind, her mouth flooded with bile. She couldn’t speak or scream , then her whole world went black. Eight months later- Vaughn Ellis was at The Golden Claw where shifters and humans went. They all scrambled out of Vaughn’s way as he managed to intimidate everyone.  Vaughn was the sheriff and he represented his pack as well as the whole county. His mother and aunt Veronica gets mad when he scares their customers. Vaughn was the offspring of an eagle and a werewolf. He wasn’t supposed to exist as different wereanimals weren’t supposed to have children together. Four months ago a company named Apex was behind a land grab -Vaughn told his Alpha -Luke  in the packs territory Apex had brought in soldiers and incited a group of traitors within the pack. Among the many crimes that could be laid at their feet - the traitors had murdered Luke’s father and Vaughn’s uncle- the previous Alpha and Beta. Since then Vaughn has been trying to track down the werewolf who led the rogues anyone connected to the company. Hannan had a full grown timber wolf Frost at her side. A few months back Hannah would have joined in the fun. But now she was in thrift store clothes and no money Then her mother’s cousin Jesse saw and came up to Hannah. Then Hannah told Jesse she needed her help. Hse needed to know how to control her abilities. Her mother had basically made Jesse leave when Hannah was twelve. Hannah tells Jesse her gran had left  her a letter after her gran had passed away with Jesse’s address and phone number. Hannah had psychometry. It made her pass out if she wasn’t careful and see things benign and terrible. Psychically is reading the history of objects, it can be intense even horrible but having to wear leather gloves? Hannah said she was trying to control it but it became uncontrollable. Then Hannah was introduced to Rose while talking to Jesse. She heard a noise and then knew they had found her, she dove to the floor and after the gun exploded pain ripped through her right side. Then someone stepped on her arm, her hair, and skin. A tennis shoe collided with the side of her head. Then a huge man came up to her and told Frost to shut up and he did. The male had storm colored eyes and pressed a cloth to her side and Hannah passed out. When Hannah came to she tried to get up a healer came in and told her she was going to end up ripping out her stitches if she didn’t stay still then Sarah would have to put them back in. The guy who had sent Hannah all her fake paperwork had been adamant she always have matching documentation. Discovery was less about skill of a tracker, more about the stupidity of the runner. Of the runner. Luke said she’s hiding something but Vaughn already knew that. When Vaughn was working he hunted the traitor werewolf and Apex. Caine’s sometime  partner and his only equal in Apex was Jackson Knoll. Dr Hermann was working on the serum, running tests on shifters. The submission factor was proving problematic over a prolonged period when combined with the factors for enhanced abilities and strength there was a significant instability. Dr. Hermann said they were closer than ever to recreating the previous serum and perfecting one for mass use. Once Hannah got to Jesse’s house she got on her laptop and Raze had typed Where have you been? Hannah had not met Raze in person she didn’t know if he was human or what. He assured ehr Apex didn’t know she was there yet but she had better hurry and learn what she needed to. Raze kept her one step ahead of Apex and it’s hunters. There was a pack run and Hannah had been invited to attend by the Alpha for jumping in and defending Sarah the healer and her pups. Dean was the Beta of the pack and Sarah’s mate and one oh Vaughn’s deputies. When Hannah got there Vaughn showed he other single male wolves she was his and for the first time ever both eagle and wolf agreed on a woman. Hannah was having serxy thoughts about Vaughn and he her. Vaughn and Hannah were being playful then they slipped away to be alone.

I really liked this book. I liked the plot a lot. This did drag for me at times. I advise you to read the first book in this series for a smoother read. I loved Frost in this book and felt he really added to this book. I think Hannah should have told Vaughn she was a witch and a ware when he told her he was a double shifter. I loved the intrigue and suspense. I would have liked to know a little less about the bad guys so there was more mystery. I felt bad for how Vaughn was treated for something from no fault of his own- being a double shifter. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend this.