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Paramnesia: The Deadish Chronicles - Brian  Wilkinson

Nora had a deviated septum and snored very loudly . Her brother Tom complained but there was nothing she could do. Nora woke herself up when she snored as she had become so self conscious that she woke up at even a hint of a noise so she wasn’t getting any real sleep. Her best friend Veronica/Vee  She was driving them to school and that was scary as Vee and cars didn’t do well. Then a D J mentions how it had been one year since eighteen year old Isabel Clarke and her prom date Jeremy Velloretto were killed under gruesome and mysterious circumstances. The media was salivating with idea of fresh tragedy so they could turn the deaths into urban legend. It was prom season now. Then it was mentioned there were groups that wanted prom cancelled in all the H Ss in the cityVee wasn’t happy about that. Then  she hits a kid by the school and Nora gets out of the car to check on him Vee starts complaining as if it’s the boys fault but then she sees him and makes a play for him as she helps him up and over his shoulder tels Nora the boy was hers- he was hot. But he called out to Nora and calls to her ‘Whoa slow down Angel’ like he had called her Angel when he opened hi eyes. Then he introduces himself as Andrew Manes and he was new at the school. Veronica had claimed him but he didn’t seem to want her, Andrew wanted Nora. The Revenant was very hungry - too long since her last meal. Needing to feed was important but secrecy trumped food. As to be known would mean you were hunted and killed, yet not to feed meant you starved and died. So she had to sneak meals - so to speak. That was why the Revenant became a paramedic. She specialized in becoming just another body in the crowd. The job was a brilliant idea and she positioned herself in the best possible place to fit her needs,She was called out to attend the dead and dying. No more than normal died under her care but those who did might have a little less to them after she done with them. It fueled her, It made her greater and increased her power. She had to run after the girl who had got away and then they found the boy at her home- the old hotel,Then she had to run and hide , to starve. That would have been bad enough but the Others were angry as she had broken their code. Death, torture,and mutilation were all on the table but forced fasting had won out. She was fairly new to their ways after all . She had to learn. Besides death was what they delivered to the living not each other. So she had to starve for one year. No new souls, no living energy to fight against the endless deep in her body. She withered under the punishment. It grew harder to live under the rules and thumb of the humans but her position as a paramedic was so perfect to feed her. Tonight the Revenant got lucky when a homeless person in the alley was having a heart attack. Nora and Andrew became a couple and are going to prom. The Revenant  causes a car accident and the Revenant gets Andrew but Nora gets away with a small scar. Now Nora can see as well as other dead people like Peepers was forever looking for his long lost love Adelaide. . There is a Deadish Society who want the Revenant dead.Nora tells everyone about the Revenant and seeing dead people especially Andrew. She is sent to a psychiatrist who says she is experiencing paramnesia.

I liked this book but I  believe this more geared to the YA group. I am happy I read this but won't read it again. It was a good book but not great. I did laugh while reading this at times. I choked up at times. It choked me up reading about Nora and Andrew’s ghost discussing the life they can’t have together now. I did like Peepers and felt he added to this book. I loved the ending.  I did feel there were a few too many ghosts. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.