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great book and great characters

Shameless - Cherrie Lynn

Meredith/Meri   was on her third beer when the moaning started. Someone on the balcony above her was getting it or about to. Ordinarily Meri would think of herself as a moral person and would have excused herself and left the couple to their pleasure. But her inner moral person was muted thanks to the alcohol. Sexual frustration had turned Meri into a perv. Cameron Moore/Cam was an ever present fantasy. But he was her brother Dane’s lifelong best friend her been the permanent fixture further back then Neri could remember. But she didn't; want to think about Cameron This was supposed to be a fun filled friend-packed vacation on the beach. But Meri felt melancholy. Insomnia was a familiar if unwelcome companion of hers. Despite not wanting to think about Cam, he invaded Mari's thoughts. He was always there , in just about every conversation, at every get together , he was on this vacation also. Cam was a personal trainer he all but lived in the gym. Tattoos were on his arms and torso. Then she realized the guy having sex above her was Cam. Meredith wished she wasn’t the kind of person whose emotions were on her face. Alyssa was Meri’s best friend. Beside friendship there had never been anything between them. But that didn’t matter she had always wanted Cam, but she was afraid later when she seen him,he’d see the heartache. Cam couldn’t keep going on like this hurting himself and hurting others. Meredith was the reason he drunkenly  sought relief as it was her he really wanted. Dane;s little sister ad he would lose Dane who he loved as a brother.

I loved this book. I loved Cam and Meri together. I loved how much of a friend Alyssa was to Meri and always had her back and gave her the strength to go after what she wanted . I loved the ending . I happily found nothing to criticize in this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book. I highly recommend it.