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Great Story and Characters

Dagger's Edge - Lora Leigh

Ivan Resnova wants nothing more than to escape his hard, brutal past. Starting over is not so easy once you’ve been a powerful crime boss but now, instead of being punished for his alleged crimes, Ivan fears that the one woman he can’t forget is in danger of paying the price.

The story before this was Ivan’s daughter and, while I didn’t remember getting much of a description (or age) of him, I remembered the hint of boiling heat between Ivan and Syn. So, starting this one off, my visual of him before the author did a great job of revealing him probably wasn’t the most attractive. However, as with all of Lora Leigh’s stories, she did their story justice. I really enjoyed it and read it pretty quickly. There were plenty of hot scenes to go along with the drama. I highly recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book