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Great Book and Great Characters

Web of Deceit - Susan Sleeman

Kait works for the FBI. Her brother in law- Fenton Rhodes- is a computer  genius- his notorious cuper criminal Vyper- using his ability to steal from unsuspecting victims while escaping the law he accidentally kills his wife - Kait's  identical twin sister Abby- when he intended to kill Kait she had tried to arrest him. Kairt seen Fenton kill Abby right in front of her. . Kait has made her priority for three years searching for Finton - he finally turns up but has no intention of being caught. Fenton wants to get his daughter from Kait and get his revenge for ruining his life.  Kait had met Sam who was a detective three years ago at the scene if her sister’s murder he had tried to comfort Kait. Now Kait has to juggle a job and raising a three year old Lily. There has been a series of grisly murders.Sam is assigned to the case. Kait teams up with Detective Sam Murdock. Then a computer code that’s likely Fenton’s work comes surfaces and her team hurries to check out the lead. But Portland Police are already there with a murder victim.  Fenton plays cat and mouse with Kait and Sam. Sam is determined to keep Kait safe. Kait and Sam have suffered losses and are leery of relationships.. Sam and Kait are attracted to each other but fight it. Kait never breaks promises and she promised to get Fenton and justice for her twin sister Abby.

I  absolutely loved this book. It was a great suspenseful read with just enough romance with it. First off Fenton is a sick S O B in my opinion even if he didn’t ,mean to kill Abby he did mean to kill her identical twin sister Kait. I like that the author took on computer scammers that are evil and use their computer expertise on criminal activity as I had my bank account scammed as have others I know/ This pulls you right in at the beginning and doesn’t let you go until the end. There was a lot of suspense, intrigue, drama, and danger and I loved it.  I loved how Sam asked questions if he didn’t know something. The author did a great job on writing about the murders. I felt like I was right there with Sam and Kait. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.