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Great Book and Great Characters

Lost in the Darkness (Crusaders of the Lost Book 1) - William  Mark

The helpless feeling never left. The thought of never seeing his son again was heavy on Curt’s soul and every day that went by it was heavier. Curtis/Curt pushed the rage and sorrow back to concentrate on the job at hand. He had surveillance  of a brownstone home . Setting on a park bench at the other end of the block was Melinda pretending to read from her Ipad as her cover. Louis popped up his computer console which was his work station while rubbing his arms trying to warm up in the van. Louis could explore any database or search for any information  that would help the team on this mission. Three women climbed into the back of the van Louis knew two of them but the third was a stranger to him- Rachel. Then Alexis said to get Rachel up to speed. Rachel was given a folder with a picture of a beautiful little girl on it named Charlotte written above the picture. The next pages were a police report on the missing girl . The picture was recent even if the kidnaping happened four years ago. Alexis said they found missing kids and now Rachel would be. Rachel asked how they had found Charlotte especially since the last update was two years ago. Louis just said they were good at what they do and they had a high success rate.  Then he added it was Curtis that is gifted when it came to finding missing children. Louis added they moved from city to city at random and searched for missing kids. They aren’t affiliated with any law enforcement agency although Cur and Melinda had been cops and sometimes used their sources to facilitate the rescue. Rachel was skeptical at first but longed for a more worthy cause then her stressful and systematically flawed position with The Department Of Children and Family services. She had been a caseworker for eight years and had seen more kids failed then helped because of the red tape of bureaucracy. Rachel had come across Alexi at a Missing Children's conference four months ago that Rachel attended regularly in honor of her sister who was missing, Rachel and her younger sister had been kidnapped at kids Rachel managed to get away but not her sister. The memory of her sister still haunts Rachel and Rachel wonders every day what happened to her sister. A little girl walks by Curtis in his car, the little girl looked at Curt and her heart cried out to him through her stare. She was one of the lost Curt could feel it. There was darkness hidden behind her eyes. It was easy to recognize something in others that was hidden  inside oneself. The feeling in his gut , Curt learned to listen to. Francine was not motherly toward the child. Louis checked Francine ‘s tax returns and she had only claimed the child for the last four years. Alexis further explained to Rachel that they basically kidnapped the children back and returned them to their parents. Alexis said since she had joined five years ago when they returned Charlotte it will be ninety nine children. Alexis was the founder and money person behind the team. Each member had been hand picked by Alexis not only for their talents and expertise but because of their own personal stories. Curt joined to track down his son nd his abductor. Curtis then got a lead on his son.

I loved this book but it was hard to read because of the subject matter. Very few books make me actually  cry but this one did. I was happy and cried when Charlotte’s mother when she saw her daughter after four years of horrible pain nut always a bit of hope. I loved what the team did and wish there was a team as this in reality. I loved the plot and pace. I didn’t want to put this book down This gets you right from the beginning and keeps you until the end. The author did a great job writing on this subject of child abduction. MY heart went out to Curtis for his loss and pain but not given up. This book also made me angry how evil people can just take other people’s children for their evil various reasons. This was absolutely a great novel. I  loved the characters and the twists and turns in this book and I highly recommend it.