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great book and great characters

One Last Promise (Bedford Falls, #2) - Sydney Bristow

Kelsey told her brother Alex not to worry she would never want to go out with his best friend Damon. Then Alex told Damon under no circumstances was he to go out with Kelsey. Kelsey had seen Damon dressed as Rocky Balboa and she thought of Damon a lot but Alex had told Kelsey Damon had slept with a lot of women .and wasn’t interested in a long term serious relationship with  Damon. Kelsey had seen Damon dressed as Rocky Balboa - bare chest and abs and then she thought of him a lot. But Alex had told her Damon had slept with a lot of women , he wasn’t interested in a serious long term relationship. If she hadn’t know the truth Kelsey would have found Damon irresistible. Kelsey had an 80’s theme diner called Forever And Always as well as one called The Witching Hour more on a horror theme. Kelsey operated operated both establishments and navigated all of the responsibilities and pressure that came with such a stressful career and she had skipped going to college.  Damon affected Kelsey’s emotion strongly. But she would never let Damon know that. Damon writes romance novels. Alex left with his girlfriend Marisa but Damon stayed. Kelsey told Damon he had a Superman complex and he told her she wanted to be Buffy from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Kelsey liked getting under Damon’s skin. Kelsey took Damon’s hand and the spontaneity of the forward movement shocked her . Kelsey considered herself a touchy-feely type person but she had never reacted this way. Kelsey felt she hadn’t known Damon long enough for such intimacy yet it didn’t feel awkward. Damon asked Kelsey if she was into palmistry and she said no yet she still had his hand. His eyes, his smile, his playful tone set off a spark of sensuality between them. How could Kelsey know just touching Damon would send such delightful delightful excitement through her. Although Kelsey hated Damon’s promiscuity she had never met with such presence, such charisma until now. Damon asked if she felt the  sparks, then Damon said he’d like to take her on a date. He added he thought Kelsey was fun to talk to. When Kelsey brought up Alex Damon said he recalled saying something about marriage and then he said when you know, you know. He said the electric current and chemistry he had only felt one time before. Then a wistful look came over his face but only for a minute. Kelsey felt such a potent physical reaction to ant man before and she wanted to give into it. The last time Damon had lost his composure with a woman was that one time. But Damon refused to think about the failed relationship and the uneasiness that had accompanied it and how memories could unhinge Damon. Damon had no family to speak of. One thing that intimidated Damon was he really liked Kelsey and that making him want to spend more time with her. Kelsey volunteered at the Fennel Kennel Club- an animal shelter a couple times a week. Damon thought about how Kelsey didn’t censor her words. If she felt something she said it. Katrina was that one other time for Damon. They had dated for eight months and she showed Damon the concept of true love and giving your all to another person. Damon had opened up to her and did a lot of new things with Katrina. But Katrina didn’t want to slow down and enjoy the little things like a picnic, or watching a movie. The conflict in how they lived life became their downfall and Damon changed and became moody and clingy. Then Katrina declared Damon was holding her back. And she felt claustrophobic and unsatisfied. That was the end of the only serious relationship Damon had.previously. But now he wanted to try to find that kind of love with Kelsey.

I absolutely loved this book. I didn’t want to put it down but I did have to sleep. This was a sweet easy romantic read. I loved how Damon waited to be with Kelsey and stayed true to her while she dated Paul and didn’t tell her what a dog Paul was even though he knew.  I was happy to see Kelsey and her mom talk. I loved the pace and the plot. I also loved how Cassandra was willing to help Damon wit Kelsey. I loved Kelsey and Damon together and how they interacted. I liked Alex and how protective he was of Kelsey. But I feel he should have really known Damon a lot better and then he pretty much ignored damon once Damon helped him get Marisa’. I didn't care for Marisa  and the way she was with Damon after he helped Alex be a man she did want I just didn’t care for her. I loved the characters- except for Marisa and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend this book.