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great book and great characters

His Untamed Desire: A Moon Shifter Novella (A Penguin Special from Signet Eclipse) - Katie Reus

Daphne was going to the Full Moon Bar in the French Quarter . The bar was owned by Angus- Daphne’s Alpha. Daphne had been back home in New Orleans for a month. She hadn’t had a chance to get out much as she was still getting settled into her new program at school. Daphne was letting loose tonight. Part of her hoped Hector was working tonight as he was the sexiest shifter Daphne had ever seen. He had rejected her four years ago but she had changed a lot. Daphne had been best friends with Leta who was Hector’s sister and she had crushed on Hector through HS. Daphne was a lupine shifter and could defend herself against most things. But lately Daphne felt like someone or something was watching her. She didn’t have any proof but she never ignored her animal ability to sense danger. When she got to the Full Moon Bar she could sens Hector looking at her and she ignored him. He was at a table with a very pretty woman. Then Daphne scented Hector near her and he said to her “ too good to say hi to me?”  Hector always went out of his way to make people feel at ease. Leta is pregnant and daphne and Hector talked about that for a bt. . Hector said he was going to talk to Angus about it- Angus was his boss but he totally trusted Hector even though he was a jaguar shifter and didn’t belong to a pride. Hector was clearly aware of Daphne now. Hector moved to New Orleans to take care and be with his sister Leta- she had always been his priority. Hector asked Daphne to dance Being so close to him made it hard for Daphne to think straight. Hector may want her physically but not for the long distance he had made that clear four years ago. Although Daphne didn’t know shortly after her eighteenth birthday Hector had noticed her for more than Leta’s friend but she was so young and he was ten years older than her. But she was older now. Daphne was on the dance floor with another shifter. Hector walked straight to the dance floor and told the shifter-Jesse- to get lost. When Daphne asked why Hector did that he said he didn’t want anyone touching her but him. Daphne had tutored Troy at school and then he became obsessed with her but he was human. But now he shows up at her apartment and he is a new vampire. Hector had caught him slipping around in the shadows until he got to Daphne’s place. But Hector had already pinned him then Daphne said she new Troy. Daphne felt Troy was stalking her.  She didn’t want to tell Angus because she knew what would happen to Troy. Hector tells Daphne he was staying the night. She informed him he would be sleeping in the guest room but he sleeps-just sleeps in her room.

I loved this book It was a novella but had everything it needed in it. It kinda ended in a cliffhanger but it wasn’t too bad and you at least knew where it was going and why. This was a short intense romantic read and I loved it. I loved Hector and Daphne together and how they interacted with each other. I loved the pace and plot. I read this at one sitting. I loved how protective Hector was of Daphne but also Leta. I was glad when he killed Troy. Happily I found nothing to criticize in this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.