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Southern Perfection - Casey Peeler

Reagan is smart, a cheerleader, kind, and sweet. Jace is a butt quarterback and he wants to be with Reagan. But then Emmett moves back to town and Regan had never forgot him. Regan ois very close to her grandfather Diver as when her parents and grandmother were killed in a fatal car accident she goes to live and be raised by her grandfather. At that time Emmett and Reagan had been close and he gave her a stuffed rabbit when she was reeling from her parents death even though she was five she never forgot how special she had felt with the gift from Emmett and how sweet he was to her. Now, Regab, her grandfather, and her cousin Cole- who is Emmett’s stepbrother. run the family farm with a few others. Regan now have feelings for Emment that she has never had for another guy.Reagan doesn’t date she is just friends with everyone. But Regan has a secret she won’t tell anyone not even Emmett who she has now fallen for.  

I enjoyed this story. I really liked Emmett especially when he reached out to a five year old girl who had lost her parents and grandmother and gave her a stuffed animal. This was a sweet, short, intense romantic book. I loved how the story was about family and how important family was. This was repetitive at times and that was a little annoying. Also when the POV changes it got a little confusing especially at first until you got more used to this writing style. I liked how this showed keeping up appearances isn’t the most important thing to do. I did like the plot a lot. Sometimes I choked up when writing this and other times I chuckled. I loved Emmett and Reagan together and how they interacting with each other. I also liked how protective Cole is of Reagan. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.