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Dark Rising: Book Two of the Archangel Prophecies - Monica McGurk

The Angels-Raph, Enoch, and Michael looked at Hope who had set off with the Angels to Istanbul -Turkey- a day ago. Henri was Hope’s Guardian Angel. Nothing had gone right since Michael had come into Hope’s life in Atlanta. Hope had thought she made a new friend after she filed for change of custody from her dad too her mother. Hope was in a new school where no one knew about her being abducted as a child. Nobody knew about the mark that had materialized upon her neck during her disappearance. The mark designated as part of a ancient Prophecy - she was the Bearer Of The Key to Heaven’s Gate and being the Bearer Of The Key who according to the Prophecy, from whose hands the Fallen would get the Key to unlock Heaven’s Gate and allowing the Fallen  to overturn Heaven. Michael couldn’t love Hope when he may have to kill her to prevent that from happening. Unless they found the key and destroyed it before the Fallen Angel found it.The Fallen Angels were Michael’s rivals as Michael lead Heaven's Army. That’s why they went to Vegas to talk to Enoch who was Heaven's Librarian- an angel who had once been human.They had been playing a dangerous game talking their way into gambling with the Chinese Syndicate that was responsible for the human trafficking ring that took Hope’s friend Maria from her home in Mexico and ended up in Vegas. Hope told Michael s humans. he would willingly go to Vegas to look for the key if he would help her find and free Maria. Lucas was the chief of the Fallen. Lucas mistakenly  believed Hope was the Key.Hope had new powers of intuition that had transferred from Michael to her. Hope’s new powers helped her find and free Maria but that also revealed to Hope that the Key they were looking for wasn’t a literal key, it was the rock Cain used to kill his brother Abel. It was because Cain killed his brother that so any Angels turned against humans. It was Michael protecting Cain that so many Angels hated Michael. Hope’s intuition is getting better and she goes to an antique dealer and he explains how the Westerners raided his lands during the C and they Crusades and they tolke all religious relics when they left with them. Michael comes up with two possibilities and shows Hope two pictures of places and Hope is drawn to the second one so they go to Ireland and they make it to Skellig Michael - the monastery. They don’t find the key- the rock- but they do find Michael’s sister Gabrielle and there is a message for Hope about the Prophecy and what it now means for her.

I liked this book and will look for the third book to this series. This was a little predictable . I advise you to read the first book in this series for a smoother read. I don’t think hope was very smart taking off in Istanbul when she knew there was the possibility that the traffickers could be after her and she knew the Fallen wanted to get a hold of her. I really liked the mystery in this book . I didn’t guess what was going to happen most of the time. I loved the twists and turns in this book. I liked  Michael and Hope together how it is really not acceptable but they can’t help what they feel. I loved their determination to find the key/ rock even with all the pain God was inflicting on Michael for being disobedient. I also liked the mythology and religion in this book. I liked the plot and pace. I didn’t care for the as I felt it was more of a cliffhangers and we all know how I hate them usually and this wasn’t an exception. If it wasn’t for that it would have been a higher score. Like a 4. But with that and a few other things it came out a three but I am glad I read this and want to find the next one