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Midnight Shadows - Nancy Gideon

Three  men battle through the Amazon forest in Peru to the tomb of a king that was buried with gems and gold from 600 BC when the last footed traffic had been in this tomb. The men found the tomb they believed they had been looking for. Mano was the smallest ,and so he was to enter the structure - with a rope around him so the other men could pull him out-to see what he could find in it as the structure's entrance was small and he cleared away another wall of stone. He found a golf ball sized nugget of gold and kept that for himself after all he had to go in by himself he deserved it. Mano then dropped several feet down and the chamber he was now in was huge. There was a large creature made of wood adorned with rubies and gold. Then Mano sensed something and when he turned there was a fateful scream The other two men brought Mano back up to the forest but he was clearly already dead. Several places in Texas at different time frames animals were found dead with all the blood drained from their bodies. Then the same thing happened in Puerto rico and a name is given to the legend - The Chupacabra and this was blamed for the deaths of about one hundred and fifty animals all drained of their blood. Then there are the same kind of incidents in Michigan and rural  Miami and back to Texas. Sheba came to Puerto Rico seven months earlier. Sheba ‘s life work was exposing hoaxes. Sheba stared at the timeline before her and the huge stacks of notes she had gathered since her arrival. She had done a thorough investigative research approaching the topic more like a scandal journal list instead of the scientist she was. Sheba had talked to the people with haunted eyes who had found their animals dead and drained of all their blood. The Puerto Rican government had supplied Sheba with a grant to find out the truth and the truth was there was no monster involved. Then Sheba got a call from Paulo letting her know he was back home in Peru and he wanted to know when she would be back. Even though she wasn’t sure why Sheba would never go back home to Peru. Then Paulp told Sheba they had found a tomb in the jungle and maybe the tomb. Paulo called Peru home but to Sheba it only meant death. Frank Cobb takes a job with him running into Sheba. Then they both go to the jungle and Sheba will have to face her past.

I couldn’t really get into this book.It dragged for me too much for me and definitely could have been a little shorter. This book just wasn’t for me but I am sure there are others who will really enjoy this book.