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mixed feelings

Dark Summer - Lizzy Ford

Summer is from an orphanage and sixteen with no friends or boyfriend and is now in a new school- a witching boarding  school. Summer had been sent from school to school because it seemed wherever she went weird things start to happen. Summer is kind but afraid to open up as she is afraid she will be sent away again. Summer finds are she is a witchling. There are three light laws and three dark laws . But at this school Summer finds out there are others with magic like her. There are two types of magic light which is good and dark which is bad and there has to be balance.  Deck is to become the master of Night and Fire and his twin Beck the Master of Light and they are to make sure the laws aren’t broken. You are tested so you can find out which type of magic you are. Once you are dark you can’t go back to light. Summers powers reside with air and earth and she is very powerful. Decker are twins at the witching school. Summer first meets Deck and he walks her to the school but then she likes Beck better as he makes her magic “ sing”- Summer finds a fawn that needs help and she nurses it back to help and this shows she has light magic. But then the deer  had been fatally hurt and Summer put the deer out of its misery and she fails the real test and is dark. Decker is Summer’s boyfriend but he is also the collector of dark souls and now he must collect Summer’s soul which means he has to kill her but he can’t do it. Summer ends up falling off the cliff and dies. But Summer isn’t really dead and maybe there is a way back because a dark master can’t be with a dark witch only a light witch to balance out the evil in him.

I had mixed feeling about this book especially after it ended in a cliffhanger and went from a 4  to a 3 for me. I hate cliffhangers. I didn’t like how at times Beck was mean to Summer. I did love the suspense in this book. I like how there were were shades of gray in both light and dark magic. This did drag for me at times. I did also choke up at  times while reading this. I did love the twists and turns in this book. There was a little too much drama in this book for me. Also the jumping back and forth ex- Summer is dead then maybe not. I did like both Summer and Decks POV was shown. I loved how protective Deck was of Summer. So as you can see I have mixed feelings. I really liked some things and others not so much. And the cliffhanger I hated that never changes.