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good book and characters

Wicka: The Chronicles of Elizabeth Blake - Christy Deveaux

Elizabeth felt so very alone. Her best friend was Gwyneth/gwy was excused from exams as her mom had passed away. Mrs. Hall had been Elizabeth’s mother figure and she had loved her and was grieving also. Up until two weeks ago grade eleven had been great. Elizabeth had been at the top of her class, her soccer team had just won their championship, and socially elizabeth was fine. Elizabeth and Gyn did everything together other than sports. The lived next door to each other and their moms were best friends. Their families were secure around each other. Elizabeth loved to read especially books with vampires in them. Elizabeth and Gyn had hee to go on a short road trip together when and Gyn said they needed to go shopping Elizabeth didn’t want to go but in the end did she was reading while Gyn was in the changeing romm  but then Gyn got a call to come right home and Elizabeth was to go to Gyns house also. Relatives from Greece were coming in. When they got at Gyn’s house there was four men all very old. The atmosphere was strained. After the girls were told they could go upstairs Elizabeth said she was going home. Gyn hugged her and walked her out. Then Gyn called Elizabeth and she said that her mother was in the hospital and had cancer. Elizabeth wanted to get away after Mrs. Hall passed away and she went to France and then decided to finish her last year of HS in France. Elizabeth lived with an older couple while in France and so did Sophie. Sophie introduced Elizabeth to her friends and then she met William who Elizabeth was immediately drawn to. Thyen Sophie told Elizabeth a lot about William, that they had grown up and gone to school together. Sophie said William was smart, captain of the rugby team and from a great family. When William came back to Sophie. Felt very awkward and uncomfortable as she wasn’t used to such strange feelings for a guy especially a stranger. After that night they met William and Elizabeth barely left each other's side. When it came time for Christmas break William asked Elizabeth to go home with him to his family as it was too far away for Elizabeth to go home to t her parents for the two weeks.. Elizabeth fell in love with William and he with ehr. Elizabeth then learns she is a witch and from the powerful Harlow family. She also learned there are Elders are trying to kill her. She has to meet the Elders and convince them she means no harm to anyone.

I enjoyed reading this book. I loved William and Elizabeth together and how they interacted with each other. I really liked the plot but this did drag for me. At times. I really liked how the author related legends and family histories in this book. I choked up at times and chuckled at times also. While reading this I hated the ending as it was basically a cliffhanger and I hate them!!! This book had: witches, evil elders, murder, danger, first love, going to an international school, a prophecy, power, and romance and so much more.  I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book. It would have been a 5 if there was no cliffhangers and I do recommend this book as long as you know about the cliffhanger and don’t get disappointed as well as annoyed by it.