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Salem's Vengeance (Vengeance Trilogy Book 1) - Aaron Galvin

Emma is at the window calling Sarah to go to the moon dance. Ruth is also there waiting for Sarah. They go to the woods to dance. It had been three months since the last dance. They are missing one of the girls who normally would also be there. Charlotte but her father suspects she has danced. Emma fears her father does also. As they come to the place to dance there is a ring of girls that surround a fire. Then they see Charlotte who leaves the strange girls with their strange tattoos that cover their naked bodies. Then Sarah notices a tall slender at the center of the rings of girls.  The woman wears a dark veil lined with scarlet silk that covers the top of her head and goes down her back. She is named Hectate- the Devil’s daughter. The girls were told Hectate came to lead them. Sarah wonders why Hectate stares at her. Hectate asks why Sarah won’t participate then Sarah feels something put in her apron pocket and Hectate told Sarah to learn her truth. At home in the barn Sarah looks to find what Hectate gave her- it was a book- a journal on Sgt. Thomas Putman Jr. The real witches led by Hectate want to avenge the wrongful deaths of the Salem Witch Trials that had been twenty years earlier. Then the whole town seems to be following an evil influence and Sarah uncovers some ugly truths about the past. Hectate wants revenge from Sarah’s own father. Sarah was joined by the Bishop and the mysterious Priest to fight the witch's, Sarah had to mature quickly for the role she had taken on.

I  didn't really get into this book it just wasn’t for me. I am sure others will enjoy it.