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Spiraled (Callahan & McLane) - Kendra Elliot

Misty had been shot in the thigh and Ava pulls Misty down on the floor as she heard more shots. Ava looked for the shooter. People ran past the two women on the ground. Ava knew she had to find cover after she had put a tourniquet of sorts on Misty’s thigh  Ava was a special agent of the Portland FBI office and she calls 911. Ava tld the person on the line there was an active shooter and who she was and Ava was with a woman who needed medical attention she had been shot and Ava had used a tourniquet to stop the bleeding and Ava told the person where they were by the sunglasses kias. Then Ava seen the shooter and he was going in the direction of the garage. Ava and Misty had been walking away from their yoga class and were talking as they walked and then Misty was shot. Ava texted Mason her live in boyfriend and a cop and she told him she was at the Riverton Mall and there was an active shooter.. Ava added she was O K but couldn’t talk. Then she added love you. Mason tried to get into the mall when Ava didn’t answer his calls or texts after he had heard from her.  A deputy told Mason told him no. He had been in this same position last spring when Ava had vanished , she had been taken by a serial killer on a crazed mission. Ava and Ray had met eights months ago and she had changed his life. After getting out of the mall incident and the killer looking right at her then just leaving her and going into the restroom to commit suicide Ava isn’t bouncing back. Then another unexplainable takes place and Mason and Jay are assigned to the task force to figure out what is going on with these shootings. This is keeping all of the task force extremely busy. As this is the third shooting at a lakeside park with the same scenario- WHY ? . Then Ava’s identical twin sister Jayne is becoming unstable and suicidal again. . Jaybe has a history of mental illness and dangerous behavior. This messing with Ava’s head and emotions.  Mason doesn’t know how to help Ava but he isn’t letting her push him away from her when she really needs him

I liked liked this book. IU really liked the suspense and action. I loved Mason and Ava together and how Mason fights to not let Ava push him out of her life   as she is falling apart while also being very busy on the task force. I advise you to read the first two books of this series to give you background and bring things together. Why didn’t Ava’s professional training kick in? Ava is on vacation from her job why is she being allowed to go with other agents to crime scenes ? Especially since she isn’t bouncing back from the mall shooting and facing the shooter? Jayne what a twisted wench Ava has to get her out of Ava's life before she destroys her with all that is going on with Ava. I enjoyed the twists in this story. I liked the characters a lot and the twists and turns of this book and I recommend it.