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great book and great characters

A Deadly Business - Desiree Holt

Marissa was meeting with Valentin Desmot again even though she could not stand the thought of being near himat their weekly dinner but it was part of  her job. - she was undercover for the CIA. Desmet had a cruelty in his eyes that Marissa didn’t miss. Eventually he finally referred Marissa to Maes. Marissa had told the CIA she would do whatever was needed to bring down Maes who founded the terrorists and fermented revolutions in Third World Countries.Marissa had been doing this for three years now, playing a part, cozying up to Desmet - in a very professional way. Dealing with Maes who was evil personified.. But at least after three years it was paying off after three years in the high- energy  financial waters of London’s Canary Wharf district she had almost enough for the CIA to arrest Maes, One more piece she needed- the people Maes dealt with. Lately Marissa had an itchy feeling she was being watched. She also felt there was a slight change in Desmet at dinner. It was time for her to meet Craig Jaffrey who had been her handler since day one, she both liked and respected him . Marissa had two thing to give to Craig tonight- a flash drive with critical information on Maes accounts and the tidbit Desmet dropped today. Marissa knew what would happen if Maes ever had an inkling  of what Marissa was doing. Maes was vicious with no conscious or soul. He destroyed people as some lives as easily as some people killed bugs. If someone gets i Maes way and anyone they are connected with become his victims. Once she met with Craig he told her he had a feeling all wasn’t right . But Marissa thought if she could have just one more week then they could pull her out. Craig had given Marissa two burner phones - one for any communication they may need to have and one with only his number in it. If Marissa ever had a real emergency , if her work was discovered and a trap set all she had to do was press one button on that phone and the operation would shut down and she was to get out and go to the place for her extraction. As Marissa got back to her apartment after meeting Craig that special phone rang and Craig told her that her cover was blown. Two years later Marissa was at Arrowhead Bay . Marissa was taking a self defense class from former SEAL Justin Kelly- she had just taken her fourth lesson. Who worked for Vigilance- an elite private security agency that had made its home in Arrowhead Bay. had offered group and private  classes in various forms of self defense. Avery was the owner of Vigilance urged Marissa to take some classes as Avery said you never know when you’ll need it. Marissa had one of the most dangerous men in the world had her on top of his hit list. Stefan Maes reach- even after losing a lot of his empire, was still extensive. Marissa knew he would never give up on getting his hands on her. For the most part Narissa isolated herself from social situations. Her situation could blow up in her face at any time. She had never stopped looking over her shoulder . Marissa didn’t think she would ever be able to let her guard down again. This was the third time Marissa had made a new life. Justin had been with Vigilance five years after being a SEAL. Marissa felt safe with him and couldn’t get better protection than that. She also fantasized about Justin and she sensed she was having the same effect on Justin. Marsa knew Justin would never make a move on her if she didn’t let him know she was open to it. Marissa just kept reminding herself daily letting down her guard could be fatal for her. Marissa had never felt the same crackle of electricity with another man before. The same hunger. The same throbbing in every one of her pulse points. She had no idea what to do with this hot sexual growing attraction between her and Justin. Marissa runs a small art gallery- Endless Art- on Arrowhead Bay.  It was the week of the fourth of July and the town was already filling up for the holiday weekend. It was Wednesday and a couple was waiting for Marissa to open the shop. Marissa's spidey senses sent a chill up her spine and she didn’t know why. Then she went have lunch with Avery and Justine and another couple and she saw the couple sitting with two men who reminded Marissa of those in London involved with Maes. Avery noticed Marissa was spooked and took her back to the Vigilance office to check things out and that couple were trouble and Avery had Marissa and Justin go to a very exclusive private resort on a small private island. Justin was with her for however long it tolke and they were presented as Mr and Mrs Kelly.

I loved this story it was great. I loved the pace and the plot. I loved the action, drama. Mystery and intrigue of this book but also the romance.  I loved the twist or two in this story. I loved Justin and Marissa together and how they interacted. I loved how Avery made sure Marissa was O K even when she sent ehr to “ a safe hiding place at the exclusive resort.” This had my attention form the first page until the last and I didn’t want to put it down. Happily I could find nothing to criticize in this book. I loved the characters and the ups and downs of this book and I highly recommend it.