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great book and great characters

Maybe For You - Nicole Perkins McLaughlin

Alex was at Stag distillery when her brother Dean and his two partners TJ and Jake were having a party to celebrate opening up and bottling their first batch of bourbon they themselves had made. Just over a year ago this was supposed to have been where ALex and Nate would have had their wedding reception if he had not been killed in a helicopter accident just before they were due to marry. Alex was in the Army and Nate had been in the AIr Force.  The Stag hosted a lot of events and receptions. Dean,TJ, and Jake had gone into business to make small batch liquor, But fate had its own plan for this business and it also ended up becoming one of the most successful wedding and event venues in the Kansas City metro area. This was the first time Alex had ventured out into public since Nate’s funeral being dressed and makeup on and her hair done. Then Alex heard Jake call to her and he asked if he could get her a drink and she accepted. Jake stayed by Alex’s side until their barmaid Jen - who was seeing TJ cut herself at the bar and needed to go to the ER to get stitches and Jake took Jen's place behind the bar. Eventually out of nowhere a panic attack started to build Alex went into a room but Jake came in after her and held her as she cried until she got herself together. Alex and Nate had been brought together by the military and after so many years in the Middle East they had been excited to spend a year in Italy before coming back and settling down  into family life but that would never happen now. After much thought Alex decided to go ahead and deploy to Italy as she had been offered to be allowed to stay stateside. Jake and Alex became close friends while she was in Italy and she could tell him anything she wanted and feel whatever she was feeling and he was just there for her while she was in Italy. To surprise Dean she ahd Jake pick her up at the airport.Dean and Alex were extremely close as when she was thirteen when her parents and his mom died in a car accident- his now ex wife and Dean took Alex in and raised her until she became of age. Alex read maps- she was a geospatial engineer and had already accepted a job with the CIA in Arlington that would start in a couple of months. Alex was not prepared for how handsome Jake really was and she had noticed when she got off the plane. Jake as a friend over the last year had been a vital part to her healing process. Jake had been the playboy of the three men who owned the Stag and TJ and Jake had been bestfriends since Little League but he was now also very close to Dean. Jake was the marketing and publicity guy for Stag Distillery and went on the road doing tours and trying to find new people ei sign up to sell their alcohol. But some one had complained about Jake hooking up so much and it didn’t really look good for business and when TJ went to Jake all his old insecurities hit him again as TJ was very smart and rich and Jake had learning disabilities and had come  from a different type of environment even while growing up best friends with TJ. Jake had stormed out of the building and would not answer the texts, calls or even email from his partners he had been hurt with the way T J had said things.. Alec went to check on Jake and made him feel better then found out he was soon going out on tour for two weeks and asked if she could go as she loved to travel and he let her.

This was a great sweet, easy and emotional read and I love it. I loved Alex and Jake together and how they interacted with each other. I loved how close Dean and Alex were and how close Alex was with her friends and how she interacted with everyone such as Charlotte. I felt like I was there with Alex and Jake and everyone. I didn’t want to put this down it held my attention from beginning to end. I loved the plot and pace. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.