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great book and great characters

Nothing But Trouble - Ashley Bostock

Michael needed a date . He was the founder and CEO of Together,Com- the largest and most successful matchmaking website in the world. It shouldn’t be hard to get a date. But tonight everything seemed to be against him.  He had employee issues to deal with. One employee posted nude pictures of himself on the website when he was drunk which was against the websites terns as well as breaking company policy. Then he had to deal with his new intern. Today Together had a list of over a billion users. Michael knew what he wanted -Fun, Freedom, and Sex. Michael wasn’t looking for long term, not after being burned  by Mindy who he had loved and wanted to have a family with and she had left him at the altar. Besides he worked eighty hours a week who would put up with that, work always came first. Devas Art Foundation was having its annual gala on Valentines Day. Michael was invited because he was one of the biggest donors and his company headquarters was located next to the Institutes Administrative Offices. Michael needed a date for this. The Center provided art classes for children and adults as well as supplies low income people can really benefit from the program and it can keep kids off the street, Michael’s grandmother was his secretary but she was completely professional while at work. Michael took his grandmother’s advice and made a fake profile after looking through a lot of female profiles Michael found a woman he was interested in -Sophia. Then Michael got a call that Mindy would be at the Gala this year. Sophia had been a member of Together .com for a little over three months. She was tired of working non-stop and not having any friends to talk to, let alone get together. Companionship was the main reason Sophia had created a profile on the site. This date with Clint who was actually Michael was exactly what Sophia needed. -a night out with no strings attached. Sophia liked to paint but hadn’t in quite a while and her heart ached at the loss. Having only enough money to get by on, her joy while painting never seem to fit in her budget. Sophia’s grandma-Eleanor had raised her as Sophia’s mother had been pretty much absent from her life. Sophia’s grandmother was her rock.  But Eleanor was old now and not healthy. Sophia had no problem taking care of her grandma. Sophia dropped out of college and worked full time as a stripper still there wasn’t enough financially but Sophie did take one class toward her nursing degree every semester she wasn’t giving that up. Sophie loved her grandma so much her heart hurt. Sophie felt many things when Michael showed up : excitement, shock, and attraction- a strong attraction and the unexplainable pull between Sophia and Michael. Even though she was a stripper Sophia was also a virgin at twenty four.

I loved this book and of course the Cinderella aspect to it. I felt bad for Sophia when her grandmother died that was her rock had been all her life. I loved Michael and Sophia together and how they interacted. I didn’t blame Sophie for not telling Michael what she did for a living she didn’t believe they were really going anywhere and he acted like  an ass like most men would even though Sophie wasn’t her job she had to support her grandmother and herself the best she could. This was a sweet emotional easy story to read and I loved it. I really hated Mindy and why did she still have any control or anything where Michael was concerned after what she had done to Michale already? I loved how Sophie stood by her grandmother. I choked up at times while reading this and at other times I chuckled. I loved the plot and pace. I loved the character sand the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.