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Eight Goodbyes - Christine Brae

Simon was a scientist who was brooding, deep, and Intellectual yet he had a sadness about him. While Tessa is a well known  romance author but her life hasn’t been very easy on her as she had lost people she had cared about to the point she know had thick walls around her heart and doesn’t want to take the chance of caring and getting hurt yet again.Tessa’s work is time consuming and now her priority.  But Tessa does run to the world’s beauty not settling down. Simon met Tessa on the plane is on his way to a convention as Simon is career driven. They sat pretty much next to each other. Simon and Tessa are complete opposites Tessa is free spirited and Simon is organized and focused. Tessa has a problem telling her feelings to those she cares about.Simon had never did anything online until he met Tess then he got the apps he needed to keep in touch with Tessa.  Then Tessa and Simon keep in touch for a few months then he flies out to while she is on a book signing tour and this starts a long distance relationship between the two. Simon goes to different places around the world to meet up with Tessa and spend time with her. Each time it is so very hard for Simon to say goodbye to Tessa and getting harder. Tessa is afraid to take the next step in a relationship. Simon’s pursuit of Tessa was not his usual way but the chemistry he felt for Tessa was so hot. But each goodbye hurts Simon and Tessa does seem willing to give him more.

I really enjoyed reading this book. At first I didn’t like Tessa too much for how she treated Simon nut as the book went on I understood more why she acted as she did. I did feel like I was there with Tessa and Simon and loved it. The author did a great job on describing the places Tessa visits and I could picture them in my minds eye and I loved that. I loved how devoted Simon was right away even though Tessa didn’t make it easy for him. I loved how Tessa and Simon  inspired each other and how they met at different places around the world. But I will say at times tessa being so indecisive irritated me. I would have liked the author to keep the same pace through the whole book as I felt the second half of the book was rushed. This was a sweet, very emotional-heart wrenching at times- read. I did choke up while reading this. I felt this was very well written. I loved the characters and the ups and downs of this book and I recommend. I wish I could rate this 4.5