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Immortal Danger - Cynthia Eden

Maya had been attacked by a vampire and within a minute he had his fangs in her neck and she wa on the ground she did manage to get her gum and shot ho with bullets that had been in holy water and the vampire did die.  But Maya came back a monster as far as she was concerned she was now a vampire but she had been a cop so now she went around killing her own kind who hurt innocent humans. She also took down demons, shifters and whatever got in her way. Five years later Adam kept j=his eyes on his prey, he had been watching her for days. He watched as she prowled the streets at night, as she fed, as she fought, Even as she killed. There had been whispers about Maya for years. Tales of the vampire who hunted her own kind. There was a price on her head but for five years no one had collected the bounty on her head. The cops had learned long ago to hide the supernatural activities from the larger society. The vamps could hide in plain sight. Adam followed Maya   Adam followed Maya into a feeding room, When he found Maya he was extremely attracted to her but he didn’t want to sleep with her he wanted to use her. Then Adam grabbed Maya’s arm and told her he needed her help. Maya was mad as she told Armand someone attacked her day watcher Sean. Then a huge guy just beyond the stage said it was him and Adam felt this was a level ten demon - a very old one - an ancient. The baddest of his kind.the level ten demons were monsters who slaughtered women and children for fun. Bathed in blood, had unbelievable strength, and sometimes lived forever as long as the demon didn’t lose his head. They feared no one. Yet Maya managed to behead the demon with his own hand. Adam wants to hire Maya to help him find his niece who is nine years old and named Cammie. To track the kidnappers. Cammie has been taken by one of the Born- a vampire so powerful he’s almost impossible to kill.  Maya is intrigued as well as attracted to Adam. She isn't sure what he is though but not human as he has no scent. Maya has been betrayed by someone she used to trust- an ex lover- as well as someone else and the local werewolf pack is after her.

I really enjoyed this paranormal novel. I loved Maya and Adam together and how they interacted and I loved it wasn’t an instant/ lust/love romance.  I really liked the plot and the fast pace. This book had: vampires, demons, werewolves, action, danger, intrigue, suspense, kidnapping of a nine year old child, betrayal, a cop turned to vampire who kills vampires and other paranormals, a lot of fighting and so much more. I loved how Maya never thought of herself as a hero actually the opposite. I loved I loved how Maya helped others who weren’t able to help themselves. I really liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.