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Shadow's Bane (Dorina Basarab #4) - Karen Chance

Dory’s father Mircea  had built a wall between her vampire half and human half to save her life. Dory had promised to help a friend and got an old Army truck to use. Dory went to Olga’s headquarters which was a combination beauty salon and what looked like the back room of Soldier of Fortune. The local community of Dark Fey seemed to like buying their ammo and and getting  their nails done at the same place.Olga was a troll and Dory went to get Olga to get a couple of the trolls already in the truck out before the tires blew from too much weight but Olga said the slaves would make their way home once they were freed. But Dory told Olga she had to bring the slavers back in ordered to be questioned by the Vampire Senate and then she would also get paid. Dory told Olga if they didn’t get the slavers they would never stop selling her  people. If they don’t know who is behind this. Olga just said Vampire. behind it. A vampire named Gemenus was the one who build an network to get slaves but he was now dead. Dory knew that just her and a few trolls couldn’t do much but one of the recent trolls that had been taken for a slave was Olga’s nephew. Thanks to Gemenus death and a crackdown by the Vampire Senate on smuggling the active portals were dwindling and the price of slaves had gone up. Olga knew no one cared about the Dark Fey which is why they looked out for themselves. Then Dory literally ran into Louis- Cesare who her other half was dating and he said he would come along as he loved a good fight. Normally                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              finding her perp in Dory’s line of work is easy since she mostly goes after things that go bump in the night among a lot of humans. But here at these fights there were a lot of things that went bump in the night. But here at the fights there were a lot of things that went bump in the night. Louis-Cesare wasn’t just a vampire he was a senator from the Vampire Senate and therefore the ruling elite of the vampire world. Anthony was of the European Vampire Senate and he realized having a champion with Louis-Cesare fighting ability meant that no one in their right mind was likely to challenge Anthony ever again, giving Anthony all but absolute power. But Louis- Cesare had gotten tired of of playing bodyguard and defected to the North American counterpart where his new role was yet to be determined. The usually somewhat -turgid and uber traditional vampire society had gotten a recent shake-up the long running war in Faerie ran over into Earth The threat caused an alliance of the six Vampire Senates which had never happened before. The newest member of the illustrious North American Vampire Senate was Dorina- Dory’s other half who had the more vampire half- The wars had taken half of the old senates lives and new ones had been needed and ones preferably could fight. Dhampirs and vampires were natural enemies, most vampires hissed at Dory. While at the fights a friend of Dorys yelled to her and proceeded to tell her that they were betting on how long it would be before she was killed as her seat on the senate was wanted by others. Then the fights began for the trolls and a female vampire was trying to kill her but Louis- Cesare was helping as much as he could. She woke up really sore at Louis-Cesare. She realized she was losing the control over Dorina.  

I enjoyed this book a lot. I liked that Dory and Dorina finally faced each other after a very long time. I loved the twists and turns in this book. I like the plot and fast pace a lot. I loved that we find out about a lot of the reasons Dorina is as she is. This book had trolls, vampires other paranormal beings,  portals. assassination attempts, Vampire Senate, Dhampirs, slaves, vampire politics, and so much more. I didn’t really care for going back and forth between the past and the present. I loved Louis-Cesare’s character. I also loved Louis-Cesare and Dorina/Dory together and how they interacted with each other. I loved the characters and the twists and turns and I recommend.