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great book and great characters

Going Rogue - Chantal Fernando

Zoe is in Mrs K room checking on her at the nursing home she worked at. She really likes Mrs K even with her poddy mouth and she respects how Mrs K won’t take any BS. Mrs K has her good days and her bad days. Mrs K is a strong, stubborn, proud woman and it near kills her to need help from others. Zoe has her half hour lunch in her car as it is quiet and peaceful. She can sit and listen to music while she eats.  But today she heard a loud motor of a bike pull up into the employees only parking lot. She tries to tell the biker he can’t park there but he doesn’t hear her and she finally gives up.But then the gorgeous hot man comes to ehr car window Zoe sees there is an air to the man that tells her there is much more to him than meets the eye. He introduces himself as Rogue. Zoe then walks to the doors of the nursing home but the man won’t let her get by him finally she says her name is Zoe and goes back  to work. Then Rogue says he is there to see his mom if she remembers him today. Then his mood shifts and Zoe saw the pain. helplessness, guilt, and suffering rogue was feeling. For some reason Zoe’s chest gets tight. She was sorry because there was no happy endings here. Then Zoe learns Rogue is Mrs K’s son. Zoe wasn’t really surprised Rogue was Mrs K’s son as he was a badass and noone was as badass as Mrs K in the nursing home as far as Zoe was concerned. Rogue had just moved his mom to this facility two weeks ago as he wasn’t happy how she was treated at the last one.  Rogue told Zoe that Mrs K had raised him and his two brothers by herself. He also said she had the biggest heart and sharpest tongue and he said he didn’t know how his mom had done it. She had worked, supported him and his brothers, and was always there for them.It had been over a year since Zoe had been in the dating game hand Rogue had “big mistake” written all over him. But he had only asked her to go to coffee after work but she still declined. Zoe doesn’t really have many friends as she keeps to herself.Then as they talked Rogue had made Zoe speechless by what he said and that was a first. But in a nice way. Two years earlier Zoe had dated a biker-Fox and he was part of a MC . Fox had never taken her for a ride on his bike or introduced her to any of his biker friends that should have told her something about how Fox felt about her. But then Zoe learns Fox had an old lady and for three months Zoe was his side piece- his dirty little secret. But for some reason Zoe found she wanted to give Rogue a chance.

I absolutely loved this book and didn’t want to put it down and didn’t. I read in in one setting. This was a quick, sweet, emotional romantic  biker story I loved Zoe and Rogue together and how they interacted with each other. I loved the plot and the pace. I hope to read more of this author and hopefully she will bring out another book in this series maybe about the Prez or Vanessa or the Prez and Vanessa. I felt bad for the position Mrs K put Zoe in and how Rogue reacted. I loved how close Vanessa and Zoe were. I could find nothing to criticize in this book very happily. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.