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mixed feelings

The Duke of Defiance (The Untouchables) (Volume 5) - Darcy Burke

Joanna/Jo ‘s sister Nora came to tell her she was again pregnant. Jo was proud of how she kept her tone free of any anguish or jealousy. Nora had overcome a scandal and was now married to a Duke who adored her they had a beautiful family. Jo was barren. Jo came to live with Nora and her family after her husband died. Jo had been married to a vicar for eight years-Matthias-  and had been a good wife until she learned what Matthias had been doing behind her back. Matthias had also treated Jo horribly and had made her feel useless and a waste of his time when Jo didn’t get pregnant. Now Jo refuses to think of Matthias and she doesn’t mean to think ill of the dead. Jo is living with Nora while she decides what to do with her life. Bran had been in Barbados on his sugar plantation for several years. He had a wife who had died of the fever. His daughter-Evie-  who was now five, had also got the fever but she had survived. He had been third in line for the title and never thought he would be called back but he had been. Bran had to uproot his life and take his daughter from the only home she had ever known and loved. Jo had come to know her niece- Becky and her nephew Christopher quiet well. Bran’s daughter Evie was at the house playing with Becky. Jo then meets Lord Knighton -Bran- who was Evie’s dad. Evie asked if she could come again and her father said if she was asked and Jo said she was definitely invited. Jo ends up becoming Evie’s teacher. Bran and Jo are attracted to each other but Jo refuses to get involved as Bran will need a male heir and she can’t give him that no matter the feelings she has for him or he for her.

I had mixed feelings about this book. I loved bran and Jo together and their hot chemistry and how they interacted with each other. I did get a little tired of hearing about Matthias and how bad he was. I think evie and Becky and Christopher added to this book. I advise you to read the book in this series in order for a smooth read. I do think both Evie and Brecky acted much older than five years old more like eight to ten. I like that Joe told Bran about her past marriage and what she has went through and that she was barren. This was a little predictable, I do like some surprises - at least a few. I liked that Joanne was practical and down to earth  especially after her marriage to Matthias. So as you can see I did have mixed feelings.