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great book and great characters

The Sheikh's Island Fling - Leslie North

Sheikh Rehaj bin Haik Al Nazari went to Amour Island and and he knew he made the three mistakes of his life. . The second mistake was letting his troublesome sisters talking him into going there. A place meant for lovers definitely not him. Still Rehaj had promised his sisters he would give the place a chance and he was a man of his word, a get it done kind of man. Rejah dealt with much of the tedious paperwork from the ground up required. This island had a fourteen day long “Love Rehab” session. On this island all technology was banned. Rehaj was private in his professional life but even more so in his personal life. The longest Rehaj had been in a relationship since he was seventeen was six months. Before him was a blonde woman begging to be allowed to use her cell phone one last time but she was denied by the staff. Then he seen the woman run out sobbing . He followed her as he could never stand seeing a damsel in distress. Anastacia/Ani knew she was being dramatic . But she felt like her whole world was leaving on a jet plane and she had missed the plane. Ani felt too exposed, to vulnerable, too on edge to convey the slick professional easy breezy confidence that was expected from the daughter of such a prominent family and ex girlfriend of a Titan -Marcus- of the business world. Ani had wanted to call her sister Gwen who could usually calm Ani down. Eight months ago Ani boyfriend had traded her in for a younger woman. Then a few days ago Marcus’s new marriage had v=been splashed across the tabloids and his new wife was barely legal and a budding supermodel. He had been ten years older than Ani. Ani had met Marcus when she was seventeen. They had meant working together at a mission’s clinic in Africa for her family’s charity. She had been a senior in HS and hung on to Marcus’s every word. Then two years later they met again. Then two years later they met again when Ani was in college and Marcus was there to speak to the MBA graduates. Now he treated Ani as an adult and wined and dined her and three weeks later Marcus was her first and only lover. Nine years they were together. Ani had turned a blind eye to his philandering and lies. Rajah asked Ani what her name was and Ani told him and asked what his was. Then Rahaj she would show Rahaj she would show him where his villa was as she had been on the island for two hours so she knew her way then it turns out she is next store to Rahaj. Ari liked helping people it always ,made her feel better. She had practically grown up helping her mother. Ari came to the island to forget - forget her past with her mother and the horrific break up with Marcus.Ani was to forget all jer problems and just concentrate on herself for once. Rahaj knew loss with the loss of his father and at seventeen when he loved Ayesha and planned his future with her then she was gone-dead and he felt it was his fault and never forgot that. Ari was to be Rahaj partner as they were the only single people left on the island although at dinner one evening the staff came to ask if they wanted to try other partners that were in a more open relationship they both said no and Ani was getting upset so Rahaj stood and kissed and then deepened the kiss when she responded to him. Ani wasn’t really Rehaj type of woman was one who knew the score and didn’t mind disappearing at the first whiff of media coverage. Ani wasn’t looking for a relationship and neither was Rahaj. Rahaj went out on his balcony and the waves of the ocean soothed him. For the first time he wasn’t thinking about his next cabinet meeting or his big proposal - to lead his brothers cabinet advisors  or the new rules and stimpy motions that his brother’s cabinet should be releasing at any time. Ani and Rahaj have dinner on the beach and got a little drunk- Rahaj never drank and Ani rarely did but the desert had a lot of alcohol in it and it was delicious. Ani and Rahaj became lovers that night.

I loved this book. Leslie North has done it again with another excellent book involving sheikhs I loved Rahaj and Ani together they so needed each other and didn’t know it at first. I also loved the way they interacted with each other. I loved that Ani helpede Rahaj relax and with his speeches. I loved the pace and plot. I loved how Rajah was able to help Ani with her confidence. It was a easy fun romantic read. I advise you to read the other books in this series it just makes everything click. I happily could find nothing to criticize in this book as usual when reading one of Leslie North’s novels. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.