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Past Imperfect - Rowan Worth

Natalie seen the large dog at the bottom of the stairs of the back of the restaurant.  But she couldn’t do anything until she got off work. Natalie was always a sucker for the underdog even though it didn’t always play out well for her. Natalie works at the restaurant Treasures. The dog was hurt sdo Natalie decided to take the dog home with her. A sher boss-Gaspar - mentioned calling animal control. After looking on the internet, Natalie figured out “Fella”/Ripper was a wolf. Natalie seen s a couple of men in the alley at Treasures but Gaspar came to the door with a large knife and they quickly left. Then a while later Natalie is walking Fella and she notices Fella has taken a fierce stance and had growled and looked like a very scary beast ready to battle then she seen two men and wondered if they had followed her home form work. Fella strained at the homemade leash but he stopped when Natalie told him to. Then Fella turned into a man and he was very protective of Natalie but he also wanted her for himself. Fella had been hit by a car and didn’t understand/ remember why he g=had been a wolf then turned into a man. Two men pushed in the restaurant door as Gaspar was preparing to walk Natalie to her car where Fella was. The men pushed her around and yelled at Gaspar but Fella came charging in and ran the men off. Gaspar did most of the explaining to the police. Fella was a werewolf who couldn’t remember to shift back and forth or to be able to hold his man form. Fella believed all the break ins and problems with the two strangers were somehow connected to him. Ten it comes out a serial killer is after local woman and Fella knows he needs to remember how to regain and hold his human form to protect Natalie. Fella does finds out he has a family and a pack and his real name s Ripper.

I enjoyed this book a lot. I really like Ripper and Natalie together and how they interacted. I like this unusual play up of a werewolf with amnesia I just did. I chuckled at times while reading this.I also liked there were dark moments but just as many light moments. I loved Rippers family. I think things would have been a lot easier on Ripper and Natalie if they had just talked instead of stomping off. I did feel this dragged at times for me. I also felt this could have been a bit shorter. But at times I was also on the edge of my seat while reading this. I loved the characters and the ins and outs and I recommend.