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Weddings at Promise Lodge - Charlotte Hubbard

Christine and her sisters Mattie and Rosetta sold their farms to but Promise Lodge and start a new community, a community that spousal abuse wasn’t tolerated and peace was the promise of living there.  Christine was at her sister Mattie’s wedding and Christine was happy for Maddie especially with getting a second chance at love with her husband. Christine was very attracted to Bishop Monroe Burkholder and she hoped he was just as attracted to her. Christine s a widow with two daughters who were young women. Christine was Amish as were all the people at Promise Lodge. Monroe asked Christine if he could spend the day with her and he had some important decisions he wanted to discuss with Christine. Monroe’s preachers for hsi people were Eli and Amos who was now Christine's brother in law. But Amos had some doubts about the new Bishop and after awhile Monroe would go to Amos about his doubts. Christine was a widow for two years and two daughters who were now young women- Laura and Phoebe.

I couldn’t really get into this book. I usually love a good Amish novel. I just couldn’t connect with the characters. This didn’t hold my interest like most Amish novels do. I am sure others will love this. It just wasn’t for me.