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good book and characters

Warrior of Fire - Shona Husk

Leira and Julian are part of an ancient magical race called Albah which are witches whose powers are the elements. . Because of prejudice and misconception about ,magic their race  has been hunted for a very long time. Julian is a target for those who want to end this race. The Guardians Of Adam or Guardians are a race who are out to wipe out the Albah completely. The Guardians have been raised to do this very thing to the Albah and feel the only good Albah is a dead Albah. Although there is suppose to be a truce between these two races for the last two hundred years. Julian’s mother was killed in a car accident when Julian and his youngest brother. It deeply affected both brother and they were not a close family. Odd how a lot of Albah are killed in car accidents. In the last twelve years Julian has been away Julian has been working at a hospital using his healing skills to help humans yet not calling attention to himself. Most Albah just want to be responsible, to do good, and  work in fields that their talents are most useful but the Guardians won’t believe this as it goes against how they were raised to believe. Julian had a sexual relationship-only-with Emily for a couple of months not realizing she was a Guardian and there to kill him. Emily had to make her first kill to become a true Guardian and Julian was to be it. But Emily had started to have feeling for Julian and finding that hard to do even though she was getting pressure to kill him from her family. Julian realized she was becoming clingy and ended the relationship. Leira and Saba can tentatively see into the future but the outcome of these visions depends on the path the individuals take. Leira likes the vision she has seen of her future so doesn’t go to group meetings as she doesn’t want her future to change and she will wait for the man on the train to come into her life. Leira has problems controlling her power. Julian has always figured he would marry a Albah as the only way males were be born in the Albah race was for two Albah to have children and the race really needed more male Albah. Julian and Liera connect through the internet to discuss recent events. They both get a feeling or rightness when they connect. Emily sees Julian and Liera meet and there is a hot connection between them. Emily is jealous and is determined to kill Liera.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I also liked this wasn’t an insta/love/lust romance. It did drag for me at times but that didn’t stop me from finishing this book and I was glad I did. I advise you to read this series in order to have a smooth flow while reading this. I liked the plot. I also liked Julian and Leira together. I felt they earned their happiness together after all they had to go through to get t that point. I would have liked more of a back story on the Albah and why the Guardian were raised to kill them. I loved the suspense in this book and the surprises that popped up throughout this book. I liked the chaarcters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.