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good book and characters

Texas Conquest - Holly C Wyse

Angie and her sister Olivia are feeding the Texas army in their diner type castino.  But what they are really doing is gathering information to give to the soldiers that that are fighting to free Texas from Mexico. The sisters are also trying to supply food to the starving Texan freedom fighters. Lorenzo is a convict soldier. He is also a spy for the Texans. Then Lorenzo’s attention is on Angie and the last thing she wants is attention from a Mexican soldier. Even a handsome and persistence mexican soldier. Even though Lorenzo has saved Angie from being harmed. Angie’s mind tells her she can’t trust Lorenzo but her heart says different. Lorenzo has a past he can’t forget or share. Because of his past Lorenzo feels he can’t trust anyone especially a woman. But somehow Angie and Lorenzo must learn to trust and work together for texas and the chance of freedom.

I enjoyed this book. I loved the twists and turns in this story. I loved how Angie and her sister Olivia did not let the fact they were women prevent them from helping the Texan freedom fighters as much as the could even putting them in dangers way. I felt like I was there with Angie and Olivia which as far as I am concerned is a tribute to the author’s writing. I like the plot of this story a lot. This made chuckle at times. I really enjoyed how Lorenzo and Angie interacted with each other. I liked the characters a lot nd the ins and outs of this historical novel and I recommend.