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Mr. Rich - Virna DePaul

Julia stood handing out samples of chicken wings and asparagus at a stand in the store. Julia had asked for a promotion and she got one dollar more an hour to hand out samples from Cooper’s Food Market And Pharmacy. Mr Cooper had given Julia a chance when no one else would. But Julia also prayed this wouldn’t be her life forever. Then Julia sees the man who has come in the store several times to pursue vitamins He’s big, tall, buff, very handsome. Every time Julia sees this man she gets a sense of familiarity but she hasn’t figured out why. Kevin is Julia's best friend, coworker and constant enabler. Julia hasn’t even told Kevin about her intense reaction to this man.Then he finally comes to Julia’s stand asks what samples she has and she offers to go get more as her previous customer had eaten the last of her chicken wings sample. He says he will be there waiting. Julia feels as plain as can be as well as overweight. When  Julia gets back to her stand he is gone or at least Julia thinks he is until she sees him passed out on the floor in front of her stand and she calls 911 and ends up in the ambulance with him but holding his wallet. Julia realizes after she gets home she still had the man's wallet. She goes to Bastian to return his wallet to him. The man is Bastian Rich, he is a wealthy financial adviser. Bastian had been a man whore but in the last three years he had looked for a serious relationship with no luck. Bastian would really like to get a girlfriend but he has Lupus and pretty much knows women don’t want to be with a sick person. Especially when having Lupus there is chronic pain. But Julia and Bastian do start a casual relationship yet Bastian begins and does eventually push Julia away because of his disease. Why would she be different from the other women he had been with? After Bastian had pushed Julia away from him a couple months later they get back together.

I couldn’t really get into this book. There were some hot sexual scenes but that wasn’t enough to push this into a favorite r good read for me. I did like the plot. But i got frustrated with both Julia and Bastian at times. I also felt Julia had forgiven Bastian way to easy and went back into a relationship with him. I also did chuckle at times while reading this book. But it still didn’t really keep my interest to where I really enjoyed this book even though I did manage to finish it. It was an okay read but not something I would go on about or recommend but I am sure others will enjoy it.