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Becoming Alpha - Aileen Erin

Tessa was on her honeymoon with Dastien her true mate and had the mate’s bond which they could tell what the other was thinking and feeling. Tessa was a werewolf as well as a witch and had many alpha traits and power. Tess and Dastien had agreed to not use their cellphones for anything so there was no distractions. Tessa usually had visions and lately nothing. She also sensed something big was coming. Then tessa tried to force a vision and she saw was black but she did feelings of despair so strong tessa wanted to curl up in a ball and then there was pain and fear, so much fear. Then Tessa’s heart skipped a beat ad that had startled Dastien as it had never happened before. Then tessa got her phone out to check her messages and she found five from Chris each more serious then the one before and about demons attacking right in the area where Tessa had killed a witch named Luciana. Mr Dawson/Mr D was head of the pack and he had taken Dastien in when his parents had died Luciana had opened a hell’s portal. These attacks had started after Meredith’s wedding which had been two weeks ago. Tessa decided to go for a swim and almost drowned and found out she had been the only one to experience the pain of a ritual killing of one of the Seven. Then Tessa learned three of the Seven had actually died and that only left four and one who was standing in but not initiated into the Seven. It was Muraco who had been ritually murdered for an unexplained reason. Tessa had felt some very strong magic while in the water where she had almost drowned. Then Claudia called Tessa and had not been aware of the attacks back in Texas as she wasn’t there. Claudia admitted that after Kuciana was killed the wares had went to the compound and burned it down but the land had still felt evil to Claudia. Then Tessa thought she was having a vision when actually it was a demon messing with her who finally yelled “ You’re Mine!” Evil magic hit her skin. Then Tessa could smell Dastien but could not feel him but she knew he was near. Which met Tessa was in her mind and under spiritual and mental attack but not physical attack. Then Tessa realized the demon was more dominant then she was. The demon told Tessa she was the key. That the portals were locked but her magic was the key. Tessa thought of how she had found happiness in a home in a school for werewolves for a couple of months. She had found friends, power, and love. Then Tessa heard Dastien tell her what to do that Claudia had come up with and the hold of the demon was broken but Tessa knew the hold wasn’t gone forever she could feel the evil with her.

I enjoyed this book alot. I loved Tessa and Dastien together and how they interacted.I I loved the plot. But this did drag for me at times. I advise you to read the first six beeks in this series in order before you read this one so everything comes together smoothly while reading this. I read this in one sitting as I didn’t want to put this down so I could see what was going to happen next. I loved how tessa stepped up and let her Alpha traits and power out and did what she had to do. I do wish the fight scene at the end of this book had been done a little different but it still didn’t take from this book. I liked the addition of Eli and Samantha and I felt they both added to this book. I also really liked how Eli had a power no one could explain. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.