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great book and great characters

The Sheikh’s Pregnant Fake Wife  - Leslie North

Sheikh Feraz Bin Haik Al Naziam is overjoyed that his estranged wife is at last pregnant, they had been trying since the day they got married two years ago. The first time Feraz met his wife Roxanne was on the beach of a luxury resort in his country Djeva. Feraz had become determined to have Roxanne in his bed and Roxanne ahd come willingly. But Feraz had learned after they married what the marriage would cost him nothing but the best for Roxanne from clothes to hospitals to husbands. Roxanne choice to live in the U. S. away from her husband’s native home. At first Feraz had hoped Roxanne would adjust to life in Djeva. But instead Roxanne became more and more withdrawn. They argued so much everyone was miserable including Feraz’s family. So Roxanne and Feraz came up with a compromise she would live alone abroad and return for the occasional state function or other required duties. It had been a long time since Roxanne and Feraz had been intimate , this child was not conceived in the normal way. Roxanne had a twin sister Isabella, who had died recently in France or so everyone thought. Isabella had always been the quieter, shyer one preferring her books to parties. Odd that Isabella had died running around with a married playboy in France. Feraz estimated Roxanne to be about five month pregnant. Roxanne had been the Queen of Fickle. It was not Roxanne at this ultrasound  but Isabella. Feraz didn’t know he had married was dead and her twin Isabella carried his child. Isabella had always secretly loved Feraz and had never called to inform him of his wife's death she had wanted to but…. Isabella chose to play the part that she had never wanted as she needed the money for her terminally ill mother. This had been her mother’s idea - changing ID’s with Roxanne before her trip to France to visit her latest boy-toy. Isabella had been heartbroken at the death if her twin even if Isabella had been a total user. Their mother had made her living off of manipulating emotions- her own and everyone else's. SHe had talked Isabella into not calling Feraz with news of Roxanne’s death. After the doctors visit Feraz told Isabella/Roxanne they were going back to Djeva at least until the birth of their child. Then while at her new doctor in Djeva Isabella and Feraz find out they are having twins- a boy and a girl.

I loved this book. Once again Leslie North wrote a great fun easy romance that involves a sheikh and I loved Feraz and Isabella and glad he found his soulmate even in such a roundabout way. I love how Feraz interacted with each other and how isabella interacts with his family. I loved the plot and pace and read this in one setting. I could find nothing to criticize in this book happily. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.