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great book and great characters

Knuckle Down - Chantal Fernando

Celina was a journalist and her best friend and  biggest supporter Akeira was very excited with Celina having an article put on the second page which being on the first couple pages of the newspaper was huge especially being Celina’s first time. This was only the beginning of Celina’s career  and she was determined to make the front page and become the type of journalist who brings real issues to light. Celina was going to her cousin erin’s birthday party- Erin and Celina were very close- at the Cursed Ravens MC clubhouse. Erin’s boyfriend-Ace- is a   Cursed Raven MC member who Celina hasn’t met yet. Celina didn’t know how the MC worked. Once at the clubhouse Celina is introduced to Erin’s bestie Knuckles who was a mountain of a hot man. Celina locks eyes with Knuckles- whose real name is Jack- and can’t seem to look away. When Celina looks away from Knuckles finally then looks back up at Knuckles his eyes are locked on her. Celina is a control freak when Knuckles asked her out during the week he declined but he showed up at her house with food when she was hung over from the birthday party Celina let him in and they ate and talked and he was coming back later the night to cook dinner for her. Their chemistry is so strong. Celina was attracted to bearded, tattooed men. Celina didn’t do casual and didn’t do no feelings in relationships. Celina was the first woman Knuckles had been really attracted to and interested in , in years. Knuckles has two daughters Willow- thirteen and Wesley is eight. When Knuckles was to prepare dinner for Celina he got a call from his ex Flora she wasn’t feeling well and he went and got the girls and took them to Celina’s and she was the first woman they had ever met that their father was interested in. The girls loved Celina;’s dogs: Snape, Carlton, and Kobe as they had always wanted a dog. Willow wants to be a journalist or reporter. It had been a year since Celina had a boyfriend as he had cheated on her and everyone knew but Celina. It had been three years for Knuckles. Knuckles is the Sergeant Of Arms for the Ravens and that means he keeps the peace by any means possible. Knuckles wants more then one night and lets Celina know, he says he is old fashioned and not looking for a one night stand.  So Celina thought about it and still took Knuckles to come over. Knuckles and Celina sleep together.This is a great book and I thoroughly enjoyed it I read the first book in the series and this one is just as good. I advise you to read the first book in the series so it's a smoother read for you and you know a lot of the characters. To the author you did it again another five star great book I would rate higher if I could. The author makes the characters so real I felt like I was there with Celina ,Erin ,Ace an, Knuckles and his girls and even the dogs. I loved Celina and Knuckles together who were more alike than they had known. I loved Willow and Wesley as they did ad to the book a lot. I read this in one session as I didn’t want to put this down. I happily found nothing to criticize in this book. I loved the characters and the ups and downs of this book and I highly recommend.