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Trust Again (Again-Reihe) - Mona Kasten

Dawn had been avoiding men for a year. Dawn’s roommate was Sawyer and she was entertaining a man in their dorm room as they were both college students. But that meant Dawn couldn’t go to their dorm room to get some work done. She decided to go to Allies apartment thinking Allie and her boyfriend Kaden wouldn’t be home as she had already tried to call Allie and went to the apartment as Allie had given Dawn a key two months ago. When she gets to the apartment she lets herself in and sees Kaden nude and quickly runs out of the apartment as he calls for her. Dawn takes the stairs and bumps into a chest she loses her balance grabs the person but they both fall down but he twists and makes sure he doesn’t put his weight on Dawn. It was Stewart Dawn had ran into. Then Spencer says he had been wanting Dawn to fall into his arms but not literally. Dawn explained what happened. Spencer was Dawn’s worst and best nightmare. He is the only guy Dawn had meant that made Dawn question her self-imposed celibacy since her breakup with her boyfriend she had caught cheating on her then found out it had been cheating for months. Dawn feels like she is damaged since her ex cheating.  The first time Dawn had meant Spencer she had mistaken him for Kaden who hadn’t been treating Sawyer very good at the time and Dawn gave him a piece of her mind. Allie had cleared everything up. Spencer offered to let Dawn go to his house and work and she accepted as none of er friends had ever been to Spencer’s and Dawn was curious about where he lived. Dawn wrote and sold erotic stories to pay her bills while in college. Her major is English with a focus on creative writing her favorite subject. Spencer had changed his major twice as he couldn’t commit as he was interested in everything. Spencer had been asking Dawn out basically everyday for sixteen months. But Dawn kept saying no as she didn’t date now as she didn’t want to be hurt again. Spencer was always so easy to talk to but was oddly quiet as he drove Dawn to his place. He also tensed as they got to the door. When they got inside he explained this was his parents house and they had money. Then he said he wanted to go for a run appeared restless and got ready and left Dawn to do her work alone. There is a strong chemistry between Dawn and Spencer.

I liked this book a lot I really enjoyed I choked up at times and other times I chuckled. I liked the plot and pace. I like Spencer and Dawn a lot. I liked how Dawn and Spencer interacted with each other especially after Dawn found out the burden Spencer carried that he was hiding from everyone. I liked the characters a lot and the ups and downs of this story and I recommend.