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Great Book and Great Characters

The Sheikh's Tempting Assistant - Leslie North

Laura is an assistant scout for a production company. She loves her job but is not treated fairly. Raheem is a Sheikh and has taken on the responsibility of preserving the wildlife in its natural habitat. But he needs an assistant to help him promote his project to the tourist Raheem is on a much needed break when Laura’s GPS messed up and she ended up lost but found Raheem’s camp. Raheem was a much needed break. After Raheem’s security brings Laura to him they talk some and she says he has an attitude and gave him a piece of her mind which shocked and amused Raheemat the same time and then he takes her back to the palace from his camp soon after they  have an in-depth discussion and Raheem finds out how bad Laura had been treated on her current job makes a proposal to work for his foundation to protect the animals and Laura agrees. She will help Raheem promote the nature preserve for a lot of money so Laura takes the job. Raheem and Laura feel a mutual strong attraction but Raheem doesn’t mix business with pleasure and fights the attraction.

I loved this book and Leslie North did a great job once again. I felt like I was there with Raheem and Laura. I was glad she left the production company and went to work for Raheem to help him with his foundation. This was a great romance but an easy fun read which made me chuckle at times and choked up at others. I loved when Laura gave Raheem a piece of her mind. This was a little short but didn’t lack anything in the story. I also loved how the Ms. North described the beauty of the locations I also loved Raheem and Laura together, they had such a hot chemistry. This book has drama, suspense, danger, romance, beautiful scenery, broken hearts, adventure, twists and turns, and surprises but also a whole lot more. I would have liked a little more background on Laura and Raheem but wasn’t necessary and didn’t take away form this book.  I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this book and I highly recommend.