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great book and great characters

The Forbidden Brother - Joanne Rock

Jullian was in Cheyenne, Wyoming as she had a new job as a film location scout but she was already at   the risk of losing her job Jullian was a breast cancer survivor and when she was at one on her very low times during radiation  treatment Jullian made a list of one hundred life adventures she wanted to do two years ago. Jullian was at the Thirsty Cow bar and having some wine. Jullian had driven to Cheyenne to meet a wealthy   powerful reclusive rancher Cody McNeill and to try and change his mind about allowing a film crew on his land Jillian had sent a formal written request to Cody’s business manager and got a firm no back. Her boss was pushing her to sign the deal as Jullian had sent her some pictures of Black Creek ranch. Now Jullian was here to try to convince Cody Mcneall. Carson was Cody’s brother -and identical twin but Jullian didn’t know that- and Jullian hoped to see if she could talk Carson to help her win over his brother. If Jullian could get Cody’s permission to film at the ranch she would get more work form her boss. Alos her boss was well connected in the  industry and she might pass along Jullian’s name to her friends as a successful scout. That would mean more work and more travel. More items crossed off her list but more important it meant Jullian was kicking cancer’s butt and that was what she wanted more than anything. Her boyfriend Ethan at the time bailed right after her surgery to remove a tumor. Ethan said he couldn’t deal with chemo and radiation treatments. Jillian swore she saw Varson and left the Thirsty Cow and went into another bar Wrangler’s what Jullian didn’t know it was Cody. There was only five people in the bar. Jillian had no interest or had any mojo in the last two years Some was from his ex and the other was from her disease and the treatment that had lefT her feeling like a dried out husk of a woman She knew from what she had read this could be a normal side effect.What did it matter if men and sex had no appeal to Jillian while she focused on her career and recovery. Then surprisingly Jillian found herself attracted to who she thought was Carson. Cody had bought the building Wranglers was in and now he planned on remodeling it for a more centrally located ranch office. Cody’s family was already fractured but the appearance of his grandfather- Malcolm. Who had disowned Cody’s father Donovan twenty years ago.  Carson wanted to make peace with his grandfather but Cody wanted nothing to do with him. Carson was the type to always go for the fun and not worry about the consequences and Cody decided to pretend he was Carson. He then went up to Jillian and asked her to dance and after a few minutes she agreed .Cody hadn’t been with a woman for twelve months as he hadn’t been tempted by anyone after finding his ex girlfriend cheating. But this woman was different and Cody asks Jillian if she would like to go on an adventure with him.and again Jillian agrees. They have sex and find out the condom had broken but Jillian isn't worried as she doesn’t think she can have kids after the treatments she had. Cody gets her to go for a blood test and she is pregnant.

This was a very good read .I really enjoyed it and this was a fun easy read. I loved how the author approached and delivered the things that happened to Jillian because of her cancer and treatments especially her emotions. I loved Jillian and Cody together. I did feel the ending was rushed especially all a sudden Cody loves Jillian but it didn’t do a lot to hurt the story. I would rate this 4.5 if I could. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend