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The Howling - Erin McCarthy

Liv woke up from a nightmare and it was the fourth in as many nights, she had dreamt of wolves. A nocturan scene that had started six months ago sporadically but now seemed to have taken over her sleeping thoughts. Scarborough/Scar was in the other room working at his computer making even more money. Liv owed Scar so much and she didn’t want him to know that the thought of marrying him terrified Liv. Scar asked if the nightmare were about him -Sebastian who was his brother and had been Liv’s lover. She had loved Sebastian deeply and wholly and he  was the man who refused to marry her and the man who had disappeared six months ago taking what money she had been able to accumulate. Leaving Liv destitute and heartbroken. Scar had picked up the shattered pieces of her heart and offered her a real future and Liv had said yes. They were to marry in ten days, Scar hadn’t pushed her to sleep with him but on their wedding night. Tomorrow Scar was leaving for N Y for four days. Mary Fran was Liv’s best friend and they were in the cafeteria at the University of Wisconsin.. Liv had one more more semester of nursing school and she would be done. Liv had been murdered twenty years ago when Liv was eight. . And Liv had been an only child and since then Liv had felt alone. Sebastian and scar werewolf shifters and even though she didn’t know it and never shifted so was Liv and she knew nothing about werewolves. Sebastian now snuck to get a glimpse of the woman he still loved-Liv. His brother had tried to kill him and thought he was dead and then took his girlfriend.. Sebastian knew Scar was gone and went into Liv and had sex with erh. Liv thought she had a dream until she seen the semen on her leg. Sebastian. After Sebastian had left he ran into his cousin Nick who told him the other wolves hadn’t known what Scar was gonna pull and they didn’t think it was right.  But somewhere along the way i lost interest in this book According to the Legends if Scar mates Liv his power will double.

This was a novell and I liked it at first maybe it was a little rushed for me. Then I realized the format wa that of Lion KIng the brothers one evil who was named Scar the nickname mary had used when referring to Scarborough. Plot just too similar for me. So I  am sure others will like this it just wasn’t for me.