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Playing with Matches: A Novel - Hannah Orenstein

Sasha had only told a few people he family’s mortifying secret. They were her boyfriend of two years -Jonathan. Her best friend Caroline, and the girl she had trusted in H S who had told the whole class. Now Sasha’s new boss-Penelope at Bliss- an elite matchmaking service whose roster of clients included successful entrepreneurs, politicians, lawyers and artist. . Until two months agi Sasha had expected People.com -the site she had interned for in college- would hire her as an editorial assistant but the week before graduation her boss told her she didn’t have the budget to hire Sasha. Sasha was desperately trying to get a job she refreshed Craigslist, and NYU job board every fifteen minutes and sent out dozens of desperate applications  and was worried she would have to go back to N J with her father. Then Sasha got a call from Three days later at her training Sasha learned -per Penelope status and looks were the most important things to match. But matchmakers should be intuitive, creative, and above all passionate about the quest for love. Sasha’s family’s most dreadful secret was her parents didn’t meet at a bar, or at college, or through friends. Her parents had met through a certain kind of matchmaker. Her father was lonely, so he chose her mom out of a catalogue and paid six thousand dollars to bring her mother from Russia - she had been a farm girl. Her parents had not been a good match and after a decade divorced. Her parents had never loved each other. Caroline is getting annoyed because Sasha is spending so much time meeting up with people to match with her clients. Jonathan is spending more and more time with his boss and getting more and more distant with Sasha and having less ad less time for her then he betrays her. Sasha’s life seems to be coming apart instead of getting better since she got her job.

I had mixed feelings about this book.It dragged for me at times but usually it was fast paced. But for me the ending though realistic didn’t work for me. I also would have like more information on matchmaking and all it entailed in modern times even if only fictional. At times it was hard keeping my interest. I would say this book was more for people in their twenties which I am not. It was a good summer read for the most part just not a favorite. I did like Sasha and was sad when Jonathan betrayed her but she should have seen it coming.  But there were things I liked and things not so much so as I said I had mixed feelings.