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good book and characters

Moonlight Mirage - Sami Lee

Two years ago Hayley got a job right out of HS as an intern for Mitchell/Mitch Wood.  He had hired Hayley as a favor to his sister -Mach. Hayley falls in love with Mitch who is a very serious man.Mitch was Hayley’s first love.  It makes Hayley’s day when she gets Mitch to smile. After a year Hayley decides to make the first move to Mitch and he rejects her and she left Then it was the first time she had seen Mitch in two years Mitch has been haunted in his memory by Hayley. She had been the only woman to break through his walls. Mitch may have had a lot of women he had went out with but Hayley was the only woman he had cared about. Since she had left Mitch Hayley had traveled the world living out of her backpack. It had also changed Hayley’s outlook on material things. It’s her friends Aidan and Mach’s wedding and that is where she runs into Mitch. One look, one touch and Hayley was back where she had been when she left -in love with Mitch. But Hayley had brought her friend-with benefits  Ty as her plus one to the wedding. Ty is the polar opposite from Mitch Ty lives his life casually but with Mitch he plans ahead and work comes first as he is a workaholic. Hayley knows Ty doesn’t love her but he does care about her. Mitch is determined to get Hayley back. Hayley is willing to give Mitch a chance but there is a condition.I really enjoyed this novella. It was a hot short sweet read. I liked Mitch and Hayley together but I don’t feel Hayley really did right by Ty. I liked the plot and the pace. I did love Hayley’s spirit. I did like the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.