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Her Favorite Duke (The 1797 Club) (Volume 2) - Jess Michaels

Margaret/Meg Rylon was dress in full black and she should be mourning as her father had just been put in the ground a few hours ago. But she did not see sadness in her eyes and she didn’t feel it either. She felt nothing in her heart for her father the late Duke of Abernathe. The man had not spoken directly to her in three years even though the lived under the same roof. She had been nothing but a failure at an attempt for a spare. To her she had been cruel. In truth she was happy he was dead. Meg’s mother had turned to the bottle for comfort already as her husband despised her. Meg was sure her mother the Duchess was fully drunk and would stay that way for weeks using her husband’s death as an excuse. Then Meg noticed that Simon and Graham had arrived. It had been six years since she had met James - her brother-best friends. Seven years later Simon was Duke of Crestwood. He was in the ballroom staring at Lady Margaret -sister of one of his closest friends and her fiance Graham who was the Duke of Northfield. Graham didn’t like to dance so Meg often came to Simon to dance with her as graham wouldn’t. But Simon secretly wants meg for his own. At some point Simon just had to had to forget his feelings for Meg. He wanted the same thing James had with his new bride but with Meg. Since Meg’s engagement to Graham Simon and Meg had gotten closer and though he would never say it out loud Meg was Simon’s best friend. Simon had cared and wanted Meg seven to eight years now. But he couldn’t ruin everything and let his feelings out. Meg felt deeply about Simon and hated the women in his arms as they danced. Then Graham talked of the date they would marry Meg agreed then went outside and sat at a table and put her head down and cried.  Then Simon came out and saw Meg crying. And sat at the table and slid his arm around Meg’s shoulder and guided her toward his shoulder and she rested her cheek against his chest. Then Meg got up and walked back into the light from indoors. Simon realized Meg didn’t really want to marry Graham. Then Meg and Simon are caught in a storm and have to find shelter in a cabin then everyone finds out they were alone in a cabin and Simon was forced to marry Meg which he wanted anyway. Meg can’t take all the guilt Simon feels and how distant he has become and leaves him. The way that Simon and Meg were found hurt everyone and basically destroyed a couple of lifelong friendships.

I enjoyed this book. I liked the plot and the pace. I don’t understand why Graham is so bitter he didn’t love Meg he was engaged to her as he felt it was an obligation to James. I also felt Simon didn't have to go on so long about the guilt he couldn’t change it and he had gotten the one he loved. I also think Meg should have tried harder to make things better between Simon and his friends and let James know she didn’t want to be with Graham. I didn’t want to put this down as I wanted to see what would happen next. I advise you to read the books in this series in order so all will run smoothly when reading this book. I enjoyed the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.