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great book and great characters

Only With You - Nicole Perkins McLaughlin

Hannah wasn’t even sad she ended her engagement to Jonas after two months. Maybe she was broken or maybe Hannah was looking for something unattainable. There was no doubt loved her neighbor and best friend Jace for years. She wondered if her inability to love another man fully was because of Jace. Hannah had a twin sister Becca although Jace and Becca had been crushing on each other for years  and Hannah felt she stood in their way but they were together now- they had started seeing each other in December- and Hannah was talking to Aldan who was a man of few words and didn’t usually smile but Hannah made it her mission to make him smile and laugh. He had said he had never really been in love either. Hannah knew eventually it would happen but losing her best friend to her twin was hard. Hannah had spent a lot of her life jealous and feeling inadequate next to Becca. Becca seemed to excel at everything she did. The one person who always made her feel good about herself was Jace and he was with Becca now. Hannah taught third grade. Aidan owned his own bar- Smokeys- for several years now. Hannah didn’t know it but Aidan really wanted her as well as cared deeply about her but he was messed up in his head from being a sniper in the army but more so for the abuse he had suffered when he was younger that no one knew about. Hannah was out with the girls- other teacher from the same school and they had told her to loosen  up. Hannah had fajitas and realized how much better Aidan’s fajitas were. And texted Aidan that and he told her he would make them any time for her. Hannah decided to go see her sister Becca and Aidan offered to make fajitas for them at his bar. Jace said not to lead Aidan on as she had to know he was into Hannah. So Hannah made sure she said they were just friends and then regretted it. Then Aidan’s grandmother died and Hannah drove to him and they went on his bike for a ride and ended up at the lake. Then Hannah and Will were kissing with him over her but then he pulled away from her.

I loved this book In a way it was a hard book to read for all Aidan had been through especially the abuse but it was so worth reading. Also the author did a very good job handling the abandonment issue, the sexual abuse of a young girl, and the abuse Aidan had suffered.  I felt that was very realistic. I loved how Hannah and Aidan interacted most of the time even when he hurt her or she hurt him. I loved how Aidan’s National Guard friends wanted to be there for him especially Jace considering he didn’t know of Aidan’s past and he also wanted to be there for Hannah. I couldn’t find anything to criticize in this book happily and I loved the ending.  I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.