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great book and great characters

Wolf Of Her Own - N.J. Walters


Mikhail's home had been in Alaska but not anymore. He’d left after he discovered what his packmates had done to his beloved sister Rina. They had waited until they knew he was gone for weeks guiding an expedition into the Alaskan wilderness and then they had tried to force Rina to amte against her will. Their actions had driven Rina to run. Mikhail had spent months searching for Rena, after he had dealt with the threat from his former pack.  They had both been homeless, and packless which was not a good situation for a wolf. But that had all changed for Rina She’d mated to Sage and was happy and protected -the Salvation pack had accepted Rina as one of their own. That was all that mattered to Mikhail. Mikhail was still here but not a member of the pack. They accepted him because of Rina but that could change and soon. Mikhail watched Elise LaForge and his fingers itched to unwind her thick braid preferably while they were having sex. Mikhail had wanted Elise from the moment he had laid eyes on her last fall. Mikhail fought his wolf who wanted to growl and howl before laying claim to Elise. But Mikhail didn’t believe that would go over well with Elise’s two sons , one of her sons Jacque was Alpha to the Salvation pack. The pack was filled with strong males. There was also Louis her younger son who could have been Alpha of his former pack after he had killed the Alpha who had been his father in a brutal battle years ago. That was the problem Elise’s former mate had been a brutal butthole who had hurt his mate. Elise looked almost fragile in appearance but he knew she had a backbone of steel. Elise had not only protected her sons from her ruthless mate, she’d  also finally escaped and was free. From what Rina said Elise had been alone a little more than a decade. It was time for Mikhail to make a move, either that or he had to leave, He couldn't be around elise any longer without touching her. Mikhail had been there for months now. Mikhail was a werewolf and in his prime Mikhail had seen Elise watching him and he knew he wasn’t alone in his attraction. Elise thought of how Pierre- her dead mate- could no longer hurt her but she often saw his cruel brown eyes when she slept. Unlike most if the women of the pack Elise didn’t have a speciality. She cooked, she sewed quilts, made most of her clothes, she baked, and made jellies and jams. Her latest passion was photography and she bought a camera. Elise loved her small home and her freedom but recently she been feeling restless. Elise always knew when Mikhail was close as every cell in her body hummed. Elise was conflicted about Mikhail, the one thing she knew for sure was that she’d miss him if he left. Elise had made a study of Mikhail’s face over the past months and knew it as well as her own. Elise called to Mikhail to come out of the woods and he kissed her after a bit and she didn’t stop him. But she did ask him what he wanted from her and Mikhail said to court her- get to know her, spend time alone with her, watch a movie have coffee even a meal. Mikhail confused Elise more than any other man she had ever met. Mikhail ahd always been more of a lone wolf happy to go off by himself. While he was Alpha by nature, he never had the urge to assert himself and take control of his former pack. Instead he spent days and weeks sometimes months by himself in the wilderness.Now Mikhail understood why he had been restless his entire life, never settling down. He’d been searching…. for her….. Elise.

I loved reading this book It was an enjoyable romantic read. I loved the way the Salvation pack took Rina in as their own and accepted Mikhail because of Rina. I loved this book from the first page until the last. This choked me up at ties. I loved how Mikhail was patient, caring, and gentle. He even held Elise as she cried and never asked a question while she was so upset. I loved how he also let Elise take the lead in how they progressed. I loved watching Elise grow and be the sensuous woman she was intended to be and to lose her fears. I liked this wasn’t an insta/love. I chuckled at times while reading this. I advise you to read this series in order so you know a lot of the character and your read goes along smoothly. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.