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mixed feelings

How to Walk Away - Katherine Center

Margaret/Maggie had an uncanny fear of flying even though she had flown several times she still hated it. She related flying with crashing. Now she was seriously dating Charles/Chip who was days away from getting his pilot’s license. If she had thought about it she may have worked out how even though Chip was suppose to be a perfect fit for Margaret he was an suchan air travel enthusiast and willing to do anything scary and Margaret really wasn’t nor did Chip take into consideration Margaret’s fear it was all about him.It was Valentine's Day and Margaret hoped Chip wold propose to her. Margaret had known Chip a  long time and they had been dating for three years.dChip had moved in next store to her parents with his parents but they really didn’t get to know each other until they both wound up at business school together then they eventually fell in love. But for this Valentine's Day Chip took Margaret to a hanger to give her a ride in a small private plane even though he didn’t have his pilot’s license quiet yet and he had to talk Margaret into going up with him. Margaret's gut had told her to stay on the ground but she didn’t follow her gut. While in the air Chip did propose and Margaret accepted but then there was a storm and they crashed while landing. Margaret had spoken or seen her sister ZKitty in three years. When Kitty first went away she said a breather from the family and she would be in touch but she wasn’t in touch at all. The sum of Kitty and Margaret’s relationship was Margaret always trying to get things exactly right and Kitty hell bent on getting things spectacularly wrong. Margaret was crushed in the plane and was paralyzed as wella s her neck and face had been burnt and she would need plastic surgery. She had  been in ICU for seven days she had skin grafts done and surgery on her spine. Chip had been there at first but then started drinking. Margaret was not feeling any emotions emless her mom was there. Margaret had no understanding that her life would never be quiet the same again.One day Chip came to see Margaret with greasy hair, his face covered in stubble , and his polo shirt had a brown stain on it. His pants were also ripped and one of Chip’s shoes were untied. Then Chip shoved his face on top of Margaret's and gave her a slobbery kiss that tastes like beer, dirt, and sleep deprivation. Chip then said the plane was totaled. She was totaled and he got away without a scratch. Chip then crumpled to the hospital floor and sobbed and said because of him she looked like a monster and would never walk again. Kitty came home when she heard of Margaret’s condition to be there for her and help her sister. She showed Margaret a lot of love and resourceful support when Margaret so desperately needed it. Margaret ended up with Ian as a physical therapist and even though struggled with physical therapy she also tried to get Ian to smile whenever she could. Kitty tries to help Margaret cope with being paralyzed. Margaret  is determined to draw Ian out.

I had mixed feelings on this book. There was a lot of emotions shown in this book and a lot about the physical part of Margaret’s recovery yet what about the mental- the depression, wanting to give up, suicidal thoughts that should have also been covered more thoroughly  in my opinion with such a horrific change in Maggie’s life. Then how Chip was pitying himself and saying awful things like how Margaret looked like a monster and would never walk again and came in drunk/hungover. Then His mother … what a piece of work she was even Margaret’s own mother was really no help but she at least did love Margaret but was no help. Thank God for Kitty and Ian. There were times however that I did chuckle while reading this but other times I did choke up. This did have a good plot yet it dragged for me at times. It was a pretty  good read just not a great read. I also obvious;y got annoyed with some of the character sand Chip right from the beginning fan of his I was NOT. As I said I had mixed feelings on this one.