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A Suitable Affair (The Macalisters) - Erica Taylor

Lady Susanna Mcallister had been nearly trampled to death.But her walking companions Viscount Riverton kept his wits and pushed Susanna out of the way of the riders path. Susanna caught her self against a tree. And turned to see her would be assailant and saw his gaze bore into Lord Riverton , his gaze showing something Like hatred. Then Lord Riverton told Susanna that the rider was the Earl of Wescott . Then he added Wescott had almost been his brother in law when Lord Riverton had been engaged to the Earl’s sister Elizabeth/Beth. But Elizabeth had tragically taken from him. Then Riverton said he had to go as it depressed him as he was unaware the Earl of  Wescott had returned to town. Then Riverton asked if Susanna and her sister in law Clara could make it home safely. Lord Riverton had been courting Susanna for months. Susanna had never seen Lord Riverton agitated or frightened , never anxious and certainly never hateful. He seemed to be very calm and even tempered fellow- almost boring if she were honest. Riverton had forwardly introduced himself during during a mutual friend’s house party in July. Until then Susanna had never heard of him. Susanna’s brother Andrew was the Duke of Bredstone. Susanna knew her position in society and family connections opened many doors but they closed just as many when it came to marriageable prospects. Susanna had four other brothers besides Andrew and not many suitors  were willing to take on all her brothers in order to pursue Susanna’s hand. It had been over two months since Lord Riverton had begun to court her. Susanna was expecting a declaration any day now. But there was something holding Riverton back. Then Clara said that she wanted to see Susanna happy and Lord Riverton was a bore and today ungentlemanly leaving them with no footman or anyone to escort them home safely. Susanna felt Clara was more than a friend a true sister. The Earl of Wescott was Ian Carlisle. He was at his father’s home and his first instinct had been to board up the home after his sister's death. Then his cousin- Lord Rheneas Warren - Earl of Bexley asked if there were problems. Rheneas and Ian had been boys together. Bexley said he had come over as soon as he heard Ian had returned to town as it had been three years, The men had seen each other at Easter six months ago but that had not been in town. Then Bexley said it was noticed he was back when Then Bexley said the Duke was hosting a house party and Ian had been issued an invitation by the Duchess and noone refuses the Duchess. Ian had never had a proper season. He had left the country before he was old enough to make his own bows to the King only doing so when Ian was home on a brief leave and his father forced him to. Ian had only attended a few balls, one musical, and two nights at Almack’s Assembly Room before he left again. Ian had not returned until Beth’s engagement three years ago. Since then the Home Office had allowed him time to spend in England. His appearance in London now because of a summons from his superiors. As he had bought a commission when he was younger. Ian supposed he owed Lady Susanna a sensible explanation , an apology. It wasn’t gentlemanly to nearly crash into a lady of quality with his horse. Plus Ian felt oddly obligated to warn Lady Susanna of his past with Riverton as he felt she should know the type of character Riverton was. Ian didn’t feel the viscount was fit company for any lady. Ian ran into Lady Susanna and behind her appearance as a sophisticated English lady, she possessed something Ian didn’t know existed in any lady of the ton. Lady Susanna possessed strength. Susanna and Ian agreed to make a chance to talk about Riverton then Ian would drop it and honor her decision on Riverton. Ian warned Susanna to end her relationship with Riverton. He feels Lord Riverton if she treasured her life. He felt Lord Riverton was after susanna’s dowry as he had been with Ian’s sister Beth. But beth had been kidnapped then murdered and Ian felt Riverton had something to do with it Susanna did agree to help Ian investigate Riverton. Ian brings out feelings in Susanna that she thought weren’t possible. Ian finds he wants Susanna but tries to stay away as he felt he didn’t deserve love and marriage and family as he failed to protect his sister Beth.

I enjoyed this book. I liked the plot. The suspense, adventure, and mystery in this book. I liked that the romance developing between Ian and Susanna Beth. and then to know  a very similar thing was happening to other engaged women. I really liked how close Susanna and her family and her sister in law. I did feel the ending was too rushed and would have liked the book to show Susanna and Ian get married. I do feel Ian was a little selfish how he was and acted toward Susanna especially not worrying at all about her reputation. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.