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One Good Thing (Ten Beach Road Novel) - Wendy Wax

Madeline/Maddie asked William if they were there yet.In her former life it had been Maddie ‘s kids asking that question. Somehow her life had rearranged itself. One minute a suburban wife and mother facing the end of a marriage and the world she had known. The next she landed on Fantasy Island AKA Mermaid Point- a small  private island that belonged to the recently rehabbed rock icon “William The Wild”. Lifetime had sent Maddie, AveryLawford, Nicole Grant, and the crew of their renovation show turned reality - tv show- Do Over, to turn Will’s private island into a B and B. Will managed to turn it into a sober living facility. Maddie marveled at William’s strength , he had come out of rehab two years ago and reclaimed his life and rejoined the world. William brought out all kinds of things in Maddie that would have been shocking if she hadn’t been so busy enjoying herself. William mentioned he and the band were being sent out on a bigger tour to cover the album. When Maggie had met William he had been hiding out on Mermaid Point, his career in tatters, unable to make music. Then Willam had written “ Free Fall” and put together a band and started doing local gigs. His old record label came calling and they gave him enough to fund the sober living facility he named in honor of his younger brother who lost his life from partying. Maddie couldn’t imagine their relationship would survive with will going back to Rock God status. They were looking at three to four months non stop travel and performing. Then Will told Maddie he wanted her to come with him on the whole tour. He trusted himself more with her there. The mother in Maddie wanted to say yes but she had spent most of her life being there for others. Maddie said she didn’t think she could be away that long Maddie,Nikki, and Avery had left the Network so publicly they were being sued for breach of contract and claiming the name Do Over didn’t belong to them. Nicole no longer recognized herself being pregnant with twins. Special Agent Joe Girardi was the father. She had refused to marry Joe one too many times now it wasn’t brought up. Joe came from a big Italian family. Nikki’s childhood had been spent  in poverty, when her father had died her mother worked several jobs to keep a roof over their heads. Nicole had “ mothered” her brother Malcolm while their mom worked. He ended up in a correctional facility for the criminally greedy. Nikki had been bankrupted from her brothers Ponzi scheme. Nikki didn’t see how this could all work out. Not babies. Not Joe’s love. Not having a real family of her own. They were things she had only seen at a distance. Things other people had but she didn’t deserve with all her failings. Avery had grown up on her father's construction site. For her the aroma and sounds of construction were automatic stress busters. Sometimes with Chase near they were foreplay. Chase and Jason- his youngest son were having more and more blown ups. Bitsy’s husband decides to take her money and leaves her penniless and homeless. Bitsy is too proud to tell the girls what happened to her. Bitsy had been the girls former investor/sponsor and friend and she made a surprise visit looking for a place to stay with her dog. Bitsy assumes she can get the money back she had invested but the money's still tied up. Bitsy ends up moving in the small one bedroom Sunshine hotel college. William and Maddie are grabbing at the time they can together before he goes back on the road. Kyra had put the house up for collateral to have money for their projects until the cottages sold and the show they had filmed. The women hoped between selling the cottages and Beach Club memberships would help with their disappearing finances. Daniel is Kyra’s celebrity baby- Dustin- daddy and gave her the house to live in with her mother, dad, and Dustin. The only hope the women have is to sell the documentary of the renovation of the Sunshine Hotel featuring the reopened investigation into the mysterious death and disappearance that had taken place there.

I enjoyed this book. I loved how the women had worked together and still had their friendship. After all they had went through and were going through. I really liked seeing the women turning their lives around and still growing. I also really liked how Bitsy came into her own - even without a lot of money. I do advise you to read the other books in this series in order so you save yourself a lot of confusion and frustration . I felt this was a nice enjoyable read. Yes there was drama and problems but that’s life. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book. I recommend.