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Foolish Bride - A.S. Fenichel

Sir Michael Rollins and Lady Elinor Burkenstock are engaged. Sir Michael is a knight  but with very little money as his ancestors were not smart with what they had and all he had inherited was a fallen down estate. Elinor’s father had recently became an Earl and money isn’t an issue with her family. But Michael is proud and determined to be able to support his wife and he hadn’t married her for her dowry. And not live off her family. Michael is a spy for the king and he has one more mission to do But Elinor doesn’t know Michael is a spy. Michael say he will be back in a month and they will then marry. But Michael isn’t back in a month as he was injured and told he could father no children. Elinor’s father has told her he is calling off the wedding to Michael. But her father also told Elinor that Michael had agreed to end the engagement which wasn’t true Then her mother tells her Michael can no longer get her pregnant. He is now impotent. Michael is not willing to saddle Elinor with a man in his shape. Michael and Elinor part in anger. Elinor goes to her best friend’s house party and sees  Preston and they become friends but then The Duke Of Middleton- Preston - becomes interested in Elinor and this makes Elinor’s mother happy. Preston is kind, handsome, and has a good personality but Elinor still loves Michael. But Elinor thinks she may have to marry Preston as she has to marry someone and it would get her mother off her back. But Michael is a Duke now for his service to the crown. Michael realizes he still loves Elinor and now has to make Elinor believe he still and always will love her. But then Elinor is kidnapped and must be rescued before she is tortured and forced to marry her captor. This was done to make Elinor suffer. Elinor stabbed her abductor and helped with her getting saved.

I had mixed feelings about this book but I did like it for the most part.I didn’t like how Michael was a butt to Elinor after their broken engagement. I know he was angry but he was still suppose to love Elinor. Also when in this time frame would a cop/friend would tell a man he had been made a Duke for his service to the crown? I think there would be a lot of paperwork and pomp and  circumstance at least to some degree especially since it was for service given. Also some of the wording just didn’t fit in the Regency setting. I felt Michael was a bit pitiful for the most part in this book. I really enjoyed seeing elinor grow into the woman she was to be and not be pushed around by her parents like when she took a stand on who she was going to marry although that wasn’t normal for this time either. I would advise you to read the books in order so everything reads smoothly. I did like the twists and turns in this book. But it drag for me at times. THis book had romance, a villian, two love interests, parental control, character growth, dukes, an  Earl, danger, kidnapping, intrigue, bold moves, adventure, and so much more. As I said I had mixed feelings but I would have liked to rate this 3.5.