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good book and characters

The Most Dangerous Duke in London (Decadent Dukes Society) - Madeline Hunter

Adam was the Duke of Stratton and had been called to the Dowager Countess Of Marwood grandson- the Earl’s home in the country. The Countess could be a formidable enemy if she chooses to but she had written to ask to let bygones be bygones between the two families. Adam made the trip to see how the Countess hoped to accomplish this. Then one look at her and he knew whatever she had planned would not benefit Adam . The dowager was in mourning for her son the late Duke. Adam had been in France for five years and the Dowager mentioned hr surprise that Adam was not married to one of his mother’s people. But Adam said he thought a British match would be better for him and the dowager agreed. In the past the dowager's family had stolen Adam’s family’s property and savaged his mother and and helped drive his father to his death. But the dowager suggested his family rise above it.She then said their families should resolve that in the old fashioned way - marriage. She suggested an alliance formed by the strongest ties. She said her grandson had a sister Emilia that is all any man could ask for and would make a perfect Duchess for Adam. The dowager took Adam to the terrace so he could see Emilia. The Dowager Duchess says Emilia was sweet in disposition, good humor, and a fair amount of wit. So Emilia would not be dull. But Adam felt no appear for the young woman . Theobald/Theo- the young Earl- came and greeted Adam bit he was clearly afraid as Adams reputation had followed him.  A lot of people had acted that way around Adam. Then the Duke’s half sister - Clara rode to the top of the hill and sat there on her horse and Adam asked who she was and then Adam asked why he was not being offered Clara, Theo said Clara was his older half sister and the favored child and his father had spoiled and indulged Clara and allowed her to build notions unbefitting for women. He never demanded she marry and she thinks marriage is beneath her. Their father had left Clara a good bit of property in her name , a handsome tract with rich farms. The Duke gestured for Clara to come meet Adam and she turned her back on them and rode off. Adam then said you did not mention she was rude and disobedient. And quick to insult others if she chooses. Adam went to meet Lady Clara, after meeting her Adam thought what a provocative woman. Bright eyed and vivacious and also lovely , spirited some men would say too spirited. But Adam liked highly spirited, self possessed women. Adam found he wanted Lady Clara. Adam thought how the dowager’s offer as stated by the late Earl . Clara is also attracted to Adam but Clara fights her feelings as she wants nothing to do with marriage

I enjoyed this book. I really liked the interaction between Adam and Clara. And I did love them together. I liked the plot of this story but at times it drag for me as I was reading but not enough to make me want to stop reading this book. I think Clara slept with Adam too easily and too  soon. Even if she was independent and her own woman. I felt at times Adam was helped in selfish in the way he acted. This kept my attention even when it dragged a little as I wanted to know what was going to happen next . I was pleasantly surprised by the ending, I liked that men actually came across as men of this time and acted it. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.