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great book and great characters

Claim & Protect - Rhenna Morgan

Travis was a college dropout but owned his own business- a bar -The Den. Trevor’s home was the ranch with his horses and border collie. Trevor had learned from his brothers in the last ten years it was the right focus and a little ingenuity made anything attainable. Normally hiring Natalie would have been a no brainer but the idea of men hitting on Natalie nonstop had almost prevented Trevor from hiring Natalie. Natalie had said she would be the best waitress he ever had if only Trevor gave her a chance.  It had been the desperation behind the vow that had Trevor offer her the position. So far she’d made good on her claim. Jake and Zeke were Trevor’s Haven brothers. Then Trevor got up to correct Natalie as she pulled her cell phone out and left the floor and that had been the second time this shift. Trevor had made it clear no cell phones while working so he went to talk to Natalie but his brothers did tell him not to fire her to at least talk to her first. It had taken him three weeks to hire two girls and The other girl hadn’t worked out. Between his genes and long term relationships being a pipe dream to dangerous to pursue Natalie admitted to trevor she had a son who was seven= Levi and her mother was with him and scared to death of Natalie’s ex husband Wyatt.  When Trevor asked if there was anything he had to worry about and if her mother had a reason to be afraid. Natalie said she wouldn’t say her mother’s fears were unfounded but not something would have to deal with. Trevor knew about the type of tantrums Natalie meant when she said Wyatt shot then around a small audience. Trevor had lived with his father’s tyrannical fists for seven years before his mother died and turned his world upside down. But Trevor told Natalie to go home and deal with the problem. She could carry her phone but to check it in private he didn’t want to be accused of playing favorites by the other employees. Next time let him or whoever is managing the club that you have an issue and need to go home and deal with it. Wyatt had stepped front and center into Trevor's crosshairs. Natalie had been panicked reading her mother’s texts but equally as terrified of losing her job. Natalie had been an RN but that was years and a bad decision ago. All Natalie had from the divorce was her car and the clothes she had packed for her and Levi. It reminded her of how much she had given up of herself until Wyatt literally knocked her back to her senses. Just once Natalie wished she could feel safe again. To actually believe she could call the police and expect some kind of help. When Natalie had went into Trevor’s office to interview for him she had been knocked for a loop but to now know he also had a heart of gold….. Wyatt was a successful plastic surgeon. Levi deserved so much more than the father he had, he deserved a justice system that wouldn’t turn a blind eye to an abusive man but in the end Wyatt’s good-old- boy network had proven stronger than human decency. Trevor went to Natalie’s address and heard a man and woman quietly arguing and one of the voices was Natalie’s. Then Trevor walked up to her and acted like he was her boyfriend right in front of Wyatt. Wyatt had decided after the divorce that he wanted his wife back. Trevor and Natalie did start a light and easy relationship after him telling Wyatt he was her boyfriend but it quickly changes. Also Wyatt’s abuse increases.

I absolutely loved this book and hav a new book boyfriend  Trevor yum! I loved the pace and the plot. I also loved Natalie and Trevor together they are so hot. I also loved how Trevor is protective of Natalie and Levi and how he felt about them and quickly loved Levi. I loved the ending. My heart went out to Levi to be so young and have to go through what he had to from his father. I could find nothing to criticize in this book- very happily. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.