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great book and great characters

Room on the Porch Swing - Amy Clipston

Allen woke up and it was 2 am and Savilla wasn’t next to him. He wondered had Mollie cried out in her sleep?  Than Allen heard Savilla call him and he found her in the bathroom on the floor - vomiting and then burning up yet shivering at the same time. Savilla said she felt terrible. Allen felt confusion coil inside him as he needed to help his wife but didn’t know how, As her husband Allen’s job was to take care of ehr and protect Savilla and he hates that he didn’t know what to do for her. Allen sat on the floor with her and had her head in his lap then Savilla’s head turned to the right and her whole body went limp but she was still breathing but he needed to get help. He went into his carriage shop and called for an ambulance. Savilla was put in the hospital the doctor told Allen it was a stomach flu and Savilla had passed out from dehydration. They were going to release Savilla she had been alert and talking then Allen went to call his driver when he returned he saw nurses at the door of Savilla’s room looking very sad and one said she was sorry to lallen the the doctor ahd called Allen aside and told him Savilla had passed away. Laura had been Savilla’s best friend and stood at Savilla’s grave for the service with her boyfriend Rudy and her twin brother Mark. She was heartbroken for herself and Allen and little Mollie. Laura had met Savilla with their mutual friend Priscilla on their first day of school and they all became  best friends and stayed that way until Priscilla had unexpectedly left the community four years ago. But Savilla and Laura stayed best friends but they did miss their friend Priscilla. Just days ago Allen;s life had been perfect. He had his thriving business, his beautiful wife, and their lovely baby girl. Now he was alone with more heartache and confusion than he could ever have imagined. Tomorrow Allen ahd to return to the business of life. How could he do it without Savilla by his side? The following summer - the days seemed to drag since Allen had lost Savilla. Mollie’s grandmother Irma had been taking care of Mollie and the house while Allen worked in his carriage shop right next to the house. But then Irma fell while trying to get a bowl in Allen’s house she had broken her leg in two places and broke her hip. She went to the hospital and she had to have two surgeries and then eventually would go into a rehabilitation facility she was going to have to learn to walk again. She would not be able to watch Mollie and help Allen for several months. Rudy and Laura had been dating for four years yet marriage was seldom brought up if Laura brought up the subject Rudy just changed it. Her mother had told to have patience with rudy as he was a good man he just needed to mature before she had passed away. Laura did wonder if rudy was the man for her after all. Laura had went to ALlen and said she would take over for Irma until she could return but then Allen was getting no sleep asd Mollie was waking up screaming for her grandmother in the middle of the night and refused to go back in her crib to sleep Allen was getting very little sleep and Laura was afraid he would seriously hurt himself while working on the carriages with so little sleep so she started staying overnight during the week so she would wake and calm Moly down as she slept in Mollie’s room also now. Rudy stoppe dover to Allen’s to see Laura and he was not happy when she told him she stayed nights also at Allen’s now so he could the sleep he needed to work. Rudy showed his disapproval in his expression but Laura is determined to help Allen and Mollie. Rudy had been Allen’s first friend when he had moved into their community but since Savilla had died he barely spoke to Allen and superficially and briefly. Laura knew she was getting too attached to Mollie and Allen and needed to distance herself emotionally.

I truly loved this book. It was an easy, sweet Christian read. It spoke of new love and loss, widowers going through the pain of losing their spouse unexpectedly. It also spoke strongly  of family,God, faith, and prayer. I loved Laura’s relationship with her family especially her twin Mark. I loved how she was so willing to help Mollie and Allen and her family stepped in to do her chores at home to cover for her being at Allen’s. Mollie was a sweetheart and I felt bad for the pain and loss she felt as such a little girl and she really added to this book. Rudy annoyed me a lot until towards the end of this book. I thought this was realistically done from what I have read and heard of the Amish communities.I could find nothing to criticize in this book and it made me very happy. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.